Thursday, July 14, 2011

Paige Made Me Do It

I need to tell you something. When I grow up I want to be Paige. Uh-huh. She actually USES her old SU stuff. So today's post is dedicated to her, as she largely influenced my projects.

First, my card:

which is CASEd off of this card of hers, only mine is A2 instead of square. I broke out my new Beau Chateau papers and chose three of the brown & (gah) pink papers to showcase. The sentiment is from the Delightful Dozen set, and the flutterby is from the Strength & Hope set (Summer Mini).

Yes, I know there is an ink smudge on the wing. My customers will have the option of making theirs without a smudge.

Now about that circle. It's one of the two verrrrrrrrrrrrry nice shapes from the new Perfect Pennant Bigz L die, and I admit I bought the die solely for the two circle shapes, thus breaking my self-imposed 50% rule. I do believe it will be worth it.

I declare this Project #4 for this weekend's Stamp Camps. :)

In another nod to Paige, I used some hoarded and neglected SU rub-ons on some quick note cards I made out of contraband (non-SU) papers:

She makes stuff like this card, which make me remember I even have rub-ons. ;/ Here's a few more:

When I made these, they needed something on the front, and Mariam (I made them for her) wanted the word "Enjoy". You know what? I don't own an "Enjoy" stamp. Neither does Marianne over at RuffHaven. Why do you think this is so? *I* think it's because I wouldn't make a card with the word "enjoy" on the front of it. Hmmm .... So ANYway, that's why there are rub-ons instead.

That's all I have, there ain't no more. :) Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Which meant, of course, that *I* had to write "enjoy" inside by hand. ;)

  2. Ah, Leslie, you're making me blush! So happy to inspire you this time, because you are always inspiring me! Hugs!!

  3. I think I do have's a HeroArts stamp ... But it would take a week to find it in that mess. ...(maybe someday when you are not busy you could come over and help me organize my schtuff)

  4. hehe I have an ENJOY sentiment stamp from Unity and INDULGE too...

    these cards are fabulous! I love the Beau Chateau papers!

  5. I actually think I have an Enjoy stamp from SU! Just sayin!


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