Friday, July 22, 2011

Jingle Belles Rock #30 - Oh HOLE-y Night

Time for this week's Jingle Belles Rock challenge! Our Guest Belle, Ros, came up with the VERY clever theme of "Oh, HOLE-y Night" (hee hee) and has challenged us to put a big ole hole in the front of our cards. This is also known as a window card, or an aperture card, or ... you get the idea.

Here's mine:

This was not my first card. Nope. My first one was soooo cute, and then I ruined it by trying to put Ranger red Distressed Stickles around the opening. OMG, what a mess. I started over, only this time I got smart and cut the red circle with my Nestabilities. Sigh. Oh, wait, then when I was pulling out the little stamps to make this card, I set the rest of the package down on top of the wet red Stickles, so when I picked it up and put it down the wet Stickles went everywhere, then I couldn't figure out why *I* had red Stickles all over ME. Like I said - what a mess.

So these are retired SU papers and the images are from the Paper Smooches' Swanky Snowdudes set.

Things I learned while making this card:
1. This particular die from that set of Nesties does not cut out all the little shapes in the petals. Just the one.
2. Cutting more of the same shape will not make the little shapes in the petals appear.
3. Even when you use a shim with the Big Shot to make it a tighter fit.
4. Not even the third time.
5. I should have put the blue card stock under the DSP before I punched out that hole. The paper is flimsy, and even the 24534 Dimensionals I have under it don't disguise that.
6. That red ribbon is kinda neat there, but this will never fit into an envelope.
7. I may have used a few too many pieces of red bling.
8. I added some Ice Pearl stuff to the top of the pole the bird is sitting on (on which the bird is sitting), and I feel compelled to tell you it is not bird poop.
9. Crafting on a Friday night is not the best plan in my world.

That's it! Kinda fun! And no, I have no plans to mass-produce this.

Now go grab some punches or Nestabilities or a shape-cutter thingie, make a window card, and come play over at Jingle Belles Rock! You'll be glad you did. :)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. So cute!! Ok, someday when I start stamping regularly again, I *need* to add this challenge to my must-do list, since you and Lisa love it so. :-) And sorry about your Sticklestastrophe!

  2. The bird poop comment made me snort ... and I also felt better knowing I'm not the only one who creates those sorts of unplanned messes in my studio ... or who keeps trying things that don't work hoping that magically they will ... adorable card ... love those colors ... so glad you joined us at jingle belles.

  3. oh gosh! Sounds like you are having a bad craft evening! I HATE IT when I lay something on top of something else that is glue-y or stickes-y or sticky in any way! Hang in there, i think your card is super cute and I DON'T think it looks like it had bird poop on it! :)

  4. Yikes. Messy oopsy crafty days can be a bugger, but look at the result!!! I *love* this card, L. I don't remember that SU paper at all…I guess it didn't speak to me, but your card screams FABULOUS. Super terrific. I have no idea what I will do for this JB challenge...

  5. Your post sure made me laugh ... But your card is gorgeous!!! I love the result .... and the colours ... thank you for joining in my challenge

  6. yes, i think we've all had the, "why is my arm WET... and glittery... oh it's from my SHIRT... and the table... and now it's EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!" stickles moment. i bet even TH does that sometimes. :) :) :)

    in this case, the resultant total ♥♥♥AWESOMENESS♥♥♥ of the card in question is well worth the damages. also i'm sure that t-shirt looks BETTER with glitter on!!! :)

    (HOLE-y moly, i LOVE THIS MISSUS!!! ♥!)

    re point 8: hahahAHaHAHAHAHahaaaaaa!
    (don't believe ya.)
    :) :) :)

  7. I love how you added the red ribbon to the side of your card. This really gives a color pop along with the beautiful patterned paper. Very pretty.

  8. I just love the colors of this. The ribbon is such a nice touch and great placement. Thanks for the giggle with your lessons learned!


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