Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jingle Belles Rock #28 - Holiday Leftovers

This week the Jingle Belles have asked us to use scraps to make our cards. Scraps - I haz 'em. Here's the specifics: We're asking you to create a card using all of those little leftover pieces of paper, alphabet letters, stickers, ribbon ... you know, those things you save because they're just too cute to throw away. I think I can do this.

I store my Basic Gray scraps in the front of their original 6x6 pad (one less thing for me to think about), so I dumped out my eskimo kisses scraps and here's what I had:

LOTS of potential here. I made two cards from these parts. Here's the first one:

I even stamped the snow man (from Paper Smooches) on a white scrap. And the sentiment was left over from a previous effort.

Here's the second one:

For this background, I cut what I could into 1" strips, cut THOSE into 1" strips and stuck them offset onto a piece of printer paper to make a quilt-y look. The moose and sentiment are from a Kim Hughes CHF Christmas set. Love that moose. He's stamped on a scrap of Basic Grey basics vanilla paper.

Now get out YOUR scraps and make a Christmas card for this week's Jingle Belles Rock challenge. You know you want to. :)

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  1. LOVE the "merry kissmoose". That's SO cute!

  2. ooh oooooooh OoOOOoOooooH!!! both of these are ♥FAB♥U♥LOUS♥!!! i confess the (merry kiss) moose is my favorite... no wait, the cuuuuuuuuute snowman! no wait... it's A TIE!!! they are both waaaaaaaay too adorable and way too clever to choose just one! well done missus... times *TWO*!!! :)

  3. These are fabulous Leslie!! I love how you pieced together all your scraps like a patchwork, looks great!

  4. Cute cute cute cute cute ... love how you pieced the papers together on your die cut background ... and that moose is just too fun ... so glad you joined us at jingle belles.

  5. I love both of these! And you get extra credit for making two cards ;)

    You are gonna be all set with holiday cards for your autumn craft shows.

  6. These are the cutest ever!!!! Love all the papers and the shapes!!

  7. brilliant! I love the die cuts and the offset second one gives such a great quilted effect. Definitely inspiration for me!


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