Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mojo 200 (Part Deux)

Back on Tuesday, I posted this card for Shopping Our Stash Challenge #9 - Technique Turn-back:

Now some may argue that this is not technically a "technique", but I say it is. Pfthftft. What makes it so? I had the supplies to try it, and I hadn't tried it yet, so that, at least in my mind, qualified it for this challenge.

Then my sweetie-head pal, Lisa, of Papergrace Designs, asked me how I did it. She very well may have been pulling my chain, but I don't care - I'm going to show you anyway, mostly because I can. Let us begin.

I just posted this card for Mojo Monday 200:

and along the way I took some very, very poor photos of the process. First, we have the major players... a piece of card stock:

and some 4" square Post-It Notes:

(color does not matter.) First, I lined up the card stock on my grid paper so I had half a chance of getting it straight:

and I used the grid lines to line up the first Post-It 2 squares (1/2") into the card stock.

See - 2 squares = 1/2" covered up:

I then repeated this until I had 1/2" covered on all 4 sides:

(It's mostly square. You can make yours perfectly square, if you so desire.) Then I stamped a background image over the opening:

and sponged the edges with Crumb Cake ink:

When the Post-Its are removed, you have a lovely framed image in the center of your card stock:

I turned it so the text was right-side-up (first time for everything), and then I made a boo-boo:

Carp. I started over. I actually started over about 5 times. Crafting is hard, people, HARD!

So I had lots of opportunities to try this differently. This time I drew faint lines with a ruler onto the card stock before I stuck on the Post-It Notes:

(If you squint, you can probably tell there are lines there.) Then I stuck on the Post-Its using the lines as guides, putting them just outside the lines so I could go back and erase them before I started stamping:

(like my eraser? heh heh) Then I repeated the above steps to get the stamped square. And here is the final card again:

I did go back and trim the white square down so it had a narrower border - it just looked better on the card. If this card makes the top 4 for my August Stamp Camps, The Ladies will measure 1/4" instead of 1/2" to place their Post-It Notes.

There are lots of possibilities with this "technique". You may even see it again. :) Well, yes, now that you mention it, punching a square into a Post-It Note would have the same effect and be way less work, but you couldn't get custom squares or rectangles or triangles or parallelograms or trapezoids or ... you get the idea. Can you tell I loved Geometry? Just a little.

That's it! I told you it was crazy-easy.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. That is flippin' bad @$$!!! I love your post-it note™ technique & this card is fabyooluss! :D

    I think I need that eraser, too.

    HAHHAHHA!! Thank you for posting this. It wasn't at ALL what I thought. You are such a sweetie-head. xoxo

  2. Wowee! Both cards are gorgeous and not the least bit crooked ;) Your eraser is a hoot…so very Leslie! I don't recall the ship card; it is fabulous. I hope you use it for your stamp camps. The grumpy dog makes me giggle.


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