Sunday, July 31, 2011

Market Update (730/2011)

I'm baaaaaack! Yeah, I've missed 3 markets, and I was in withdrawal, so I went yesterday, armed with a cooler full of frozen towels, just in case.

I got there early to set up before it got too hot, and fortunately, the Market Master told me one of the vendors wasn't coming, so I snagged his pavilion spot:

No direct sun baking me in my tent! Yay!

After I set up, I went to one of the local establishments in search of iced coffee and something for breakfast. The place on the other side of the green has iced coffee AND yummy bacon, egg & cheese sandwiches, but I decided I was too hot for hot food, so I settled on this:

Coconut pound cake topped with ice cream. They usually toast the pound cake before they apply the ice cream, but I had that whole "hot" thing going, so I took it untoasted. Nom nom nom.

Ready for some veggies? Let's get started!

My standard first shot at Farmer Mike's:

Some tomatoes (maters):

Some Roma tomatoes:

Ugh, okra:

Bell peppers:

Zucchini and some patty pans:


Several people bought it to make Eggplant Parmesan, but ugh - it's so not a hot day kind of meal.

Small watermelons:

These guys are really delicate and thin-skinned, as opposed to the regular watermelons, whose pictures I forgot to take. They walked out of there so fast yesterday, by the time Farmer Mike replenished the bins, they were gone again.

Anyway, these smaller melons have very thin skins, and this one was used as an example of how we need to fix our roads:


And soooo much basil people were drawn to it, just from the fragrance:

One woman bought many, many bunches and walked around with it like a bouquet of flowers. Here's a whole bucket of the stuff:

Sitting between this basil and the table of peaches at Farmer Margie's, I was in a coma most of the day. Smelled soooo good.

Next up, jalapenos:

and HOT peppers:

Someone bought a whole bag of these. I thought maybe she planned to make Jerk Seasoning.

Sweet peppers:


Tiny sweet melons:

At the end of the day, I took home two over-ripe ones and made a smoothie with one of them. So yummy!

Over at Farmer Katie's, we had quite the display of fruit:

She had nectarines:

and peaches, both white:

and yellow:

People walked around eating these - they couldn't even wait until they got home! :)


and Blackberries:

She also had grape tomatoes:

Green beans:

and (gah!) beets:

Are you ready for the doggie portion of the show? (Hi, Bunny! *waves*)

Here's one of the early visitors:

Sat on command, then got tired and laid down:

Another good dog:

and a rescue:

She's just about a year old, and so sweet!

A hot and tired fellow:

Love this one!

Caught this one mid-blink:

And little 13-week-old Olivia:

She slept through the night for the first time Friday night. So cute!

I'm very, very sorry for this next photo. I tried to cover up the full-on butt-shot by drawing a flower:

I think the butt-shot would have been less-obvious. ;/

That's it for the dogs. One last question, though. Since I don't get out much, what's up with this hair:

I just don't understand.

Today is my catch-up-on-challenges day, so I should have some stampy posts coming later. Today is also maybe-make-at-least-one-card-for-the-August-Stamp-Camps, but hey, I have two whole weeks. LOTS of time.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. HAAAA!!! That dog butt shot totally made my day!

  2. poor puggy butt shot! LOL and I am with you on the hair thing... we had several girls at work (since I am no longer working there I can say it lol).. with the half back half blonde thing going least when I was running late on covering my grey roots I could pretend it was on purpose....

  3. That pug & his flowery butt made me laugh so hard!! HAHHAHAHHAHA!!! So funny! :D


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