Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Playing With Food

In another generous attempt to take one for the team, I will show you the state of my crafty space as of last night:

Not too bad. In fact, just having room for that small non-stick sheet is nothing short of a miracle, although you should notice it is tucked under some ever-present UFOs in the top left corner.

Let's do some numbers:

1. Stamps I used on a failed card that I was too depressed to clean and put away.
1.1 and 1.2. See #1.
2. Project Du Jour. More on this in a sec.
3. My standard pile o'crap. Notice how big the 3 is.
4. Printout of the Paper Smooches sketches I plan to use in my spare time. (I crack myself up.)
5. A pack of sticky clear plastic flowers I lost, then found, and I haven't decided where to put them that is "safe".
6. The stamps I use on the backs of my cards. Never put away. Never.

Now for the Project Du Jour: Playing with my food! Here is the final test from last night:

And here's how I got there. From the beginning. I started out with this:

We have a non-stick sheet, 3 colors of paint, a piece of paper, a kitchen knife, and a piece of okra. Yes, I said okra. Lookie:

This is the only thing I'll do with it. First, I cut off it's head:

Isn't that a fun shape? I made three piles of paint on my non-stick mat, dipped the now-flat end of the okra into the paint and started stamping:

Did you notice I changed colors? No washing! Just hack off a piece of okra! I love it!!! Check it out:

Then I got to the seeds:

More stamping:

That was a blue piece from a failed card. This is a piece of paper from a mis-folded envelope:

and more stamping:

You can see my piles of paint on my non-stick sheet and all the hacked okra from my color changes.

More stamping:

and finally, as I was running out of okra, I got a decent stamped image:

The schmears to the right are my attempt to see what would happen if I schmeared the okra. Not too exciting.

So that's it. I have a piece of okra left in the fridge, and I hope to play some more. I still haven't cleaned the kitchen floor, though I am gratified to learn that all of you, without exception, agreed that stamping does, indeed, take precedence over washing the kitchen floor. However, there are only 2 sleeps left before company, and it simply must be done. Maybe not tonight, but before the guests arrive, for sure. :)

Thanks for stopping by.

PS: Linked to WOTT and WOYWW challenges. Let's spread the love.


  1. I have to say, I love fried okra...but I never considered using it this way, Missy! You, officially, live out of the box! Thanks for playing over at WOTT.

  2. I am soooo very not a fan of okra, so I think this is the best use for it yet. (My apologies to okra lovers.)

  3. this is a cool technique...we use potatoes for it here ;) no okra to be found unless it is frozen or canned :(

  4. oh too funny...Spyder and I were just talking about stamping with veggies! I will have to point her in your direction LOL! Happy Woyww!

  5. HA! I love the size of that number 3. :D

    Clever use of veggies, much better than eating them. Let's see how we can make broccoli useful now....

  6. I have never or don't think I have, seen an okra and this is too funny!! I was just talking about stamping with veggies!! (well, yesterday, it would've taken me a week to get here if it wasn't for Sue) as she had a potato tin on her desk and I was glad to see it was full of buttons and not paint covered lumps of potato!) Now I have this sudden erge to cut up all my veggies and get the paint out and play...people coming??? Oh, well, they won't notice the kitchen floor when they see your fabulous works of art!!(as long as you don't fry up the okra up for dinner! Now, remembering my time at play School...squirt some paint on some paper placed in a box, add hard peas and roll the box so the peas make a pattern!! or sprouts... or beans, but not the kind that come in a tin with tomato juice, that would just be too messy! Happy WoyWW!!! ((Lyn))

  7. A dirty kitchen is a crabby Sara. I cannot go to bed with a dirty kitchen:-( but I love your playing with food. There are many fun foods!

  8. Well, what a touch of genius - a genuinely nice way to use Okra!! No doubt by now that the floor is cleaned and you're still breathing and living - and indeed, entertaining, so leaving it till the last minute wasn't a problem at all then, huh!!

  9. Awesome use of okra! I will remember that when it comes to harvest some and give it a try. Sorry I am so late getting around! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #44


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