Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jingle Belles Rock #29 - Reindeer Games

Time for another Jingle Belles card! This week we were asked to use a reindeer, or any critter, really. HELLO! Reindeer - I haz some! Lookie:

Okay, it's a little dark, as the lighting in my "photo studio" still sux, plus I used no white or vanilla on the card. Oooh, maybe that's another good possible challenge - you should suggest it! :)

I used two coordinating papers for the background and behind the reindeer (image from a Kim Hughes set from CHF). The string of lights behind the critter makes it look like he is wearing a light on a necklace, but he is not. And the red scarf was something I just needed to do, what with that long neck and all, plus it gives a pop of color to the otherwise blah papers (with no white or vanilla to set it off.)

Now you may ask why I chose two panels for the background. I could tell you I was being terribly artistic, but unfortunately that would be a lie. You see, I have this problem remembering what the Hambo Hoedown challenge is each week, and this week it is a gate-fold card, so I had that etched in my brain and I cut and scored the base of my Jingle Belles card for a gate-fold card. DOH! So I had those two pieces already cut, and they fit ... I used them. Not so very exciting as being "artistic", but it's the truth.

Now, let's see if I remember to make my Hambo card as a gate-fold card. Pfhtfht.

Now get out your critter stamps, make a Christmas card, and link it up over at Jingle Belles Rock! I command it! :)

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  1. I love him and his reindeer-y cuteness!! Your patterned paper & gate-fold is pretty fabby, too. The whole thing is just super duper CUUUUTE!!! ♥

  2. This is SO cute!! And too funny about the Hoedown... here's crossing my fingers you don't forget! ;-)

  3. I just love the scarf on that skinny little reindeer neck ... love that critter paper too ... possible future challenge idea noted ... so glad you joined our jingle belles fun.

  4. now see, i ♥KNEW♥ you were gonna rock this one IN A BIIIIIG WAY... but somehow i was thinkin' chrisMOOSE!!! go figure. ;) but i love♥LOVE♥lOoOOoOoove mr. reindeer, his scarf & other accoutrements, this whole card, and EVERYTHING about it, *including* that it's a gatefold (& i don't care WHY!)'s just AWESOME! :) :) :)

  5. This is adorable Leslie! I love the papers you used and the reindeer is WAYYY too cute! That scarf was a great you said it really gives the card a little burst of color.

  6. I love that reindeer and your deer paper AND that it fell into place... fabulous :)

  7. I love the sweet reindeer image. The gatefold card and the patterned paper are perfect together. Well done.


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