Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Fussy Gene

One of the things I love about hosting these monthly Stamp Camps is when people see my sample card (let's call it a "serving suggestion") and think of ways to change it up a little. I have very few rules for my classes, but one of them is you can do anything you want to your card with the materials you have been provided. Turn it sideways, use the other side of the patterned papers, whatever. It's fun to see what people change, and more often than not, I like theirs better than mine!

Today, Marianne of RuffHaven joined us, and she has what I call the fussy gene. Some of you tell me I do, indeed, possess this gene, but when you see what she did with one of my serving suggestions, you may just retract that.

May I present my card (on the left) and her changed-up version on the right:

Uh-huh. See what I'm talking about?

Here it is in more detail:

She flipped over the pink & brown paper and found she liked the back better. Then she distressed it, and inked it, and tore it, and distressed it some more. Then she used the blue ink from another station so her card base wasn't so "white".

And then, when I was showing them how my Bloggy and Twitter pal, Mary Dawn, had colored seam binding*, and how my attempt at brown had totally failed, and then I showed it to them and told them I thought it looked like it had been in a fire, she took a piece of said brown ribbon and it ended up on her card. Look:

Also note the detail of the distressing, including the squiggly brown lines she drew on the paper. *I* do not do this, people. OMG, I just noticed she not only distressed the edges, she also inked them. Okay, I really do not do this. THIS is the fussy gene, and no, I don't possess it.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go stamp something.

Thanks for stopping by!

*You really should take a few minutes to watch that video about how to color your seam binding. That Mary Dawn just cracks me up, plus the technique is totally awesome.


  1. wowza!!! i love both cards, but Marianne's is ah-mazing!!! I definitely do not possess the fussy gene either, but appreciate the efforts & works of those that do!

  2. i wanna be Marianne when i grow up...sans all those dogs, but y'know

  3. Holy Moly that Marianne is brilliant! GORGEOUS card!!!


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