Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WOTT (7/12/2011) and WOYWW (7/13/2011)

When the card I was working on was hanging over the edge of my table, I knew I needed to take another one for the team:

Is this not sad? That card is posted here. It uses 4 punches, which sucked up all available space on my table. But the good news is I finally USED one of them and can now get it off my table!

Let's do some numbers:

1. The stamps and ink I used for the card.
2. A box of wooden letters, some of which I used for a ribbon wreath under glass that a customer is picking up tonight.
3. My stuff.
4. The box from one of the stamps, which is on top of a stack of other new stuff I plan to use for my next card. Consider it a staging area and you'll do fine.
5. Two new stamps that need to see ink, and very soon.
6. A pair of scissors that desperately need to be cleaned.
7. Punch city. I used 4 on that card.

Let's look at the right side of the table:

Oh, dear God. This needs to be triaged:

This is where I stick all the scraps and UFOs that result from recent efforts. At one point I had it all cleaned up and had neat piles of card bases and pretty paper parts. All my UFOs were in a little drawer unit in front of this heaplet-wannabe, but as you can see, I've lost control once again. The tape dispenser is there because there is simply no where else to put it.

There. I'm done. And I hope you now feel better about your own table. :)

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  1. OMG how do you find anything I thought I was bad lol but I bet you know where everything is don't you then when you do tidy you can't find a thing I'm like that must get my mess tidied to as we have visitors tonight
    Jacki xx

  2. My table is quite clean at the moment but that's just because I'm not working on anything. When I do, it looks pretty much like yours. Amazing what it takes to make one card, isn't it?

  3. Love the is art of its own... stacked paper...pretty punches... all the things you need for just that one

  4. I feel very good, thank you very much! My paper scraps go to my right and the pile is almost towering precariously, but then that's why I chose the moniker "scrapcollectr." it's truth in advertising. Thanks for joining in at WOTT! *smile*

  5. Ok!! Ill off to draw red lines round my crafty stuff, then there'd be no deed to tidy, punches in the triangle, stamps in the square and inks in the circle! Great fun!

  6. this desk make me feel sane.....thanks for showing me that it is ok to have a really messy creative area. love it.

  7. Very artistic desk! Something awesome to look at and drool over and yet it is both creative and busy I see. I am not a neat nik so not frightened off but how do you keep your papers from being crushed and ruined? Thanks for sharing. Vickie

  8. So are working in the tiniest little square inch of space. Hey, whatever works! Happy WOYWW! :-)

  9. I get such a kick out of your 6x6 work area!
    It's just so much fun seeing what you creat with everthing so close at hand!!!

  10. I've never seen a desk that had to have a numerical key to point out the items of interest!! If Tracey Emin could exhibit her unmade bed in a London art gallery, I'm sure you could get your desk featured somewhere - lol :) xx

  11. Goo d grief! Ithink you need to call the police, looks like you've had burglars in throwing your stuff all around!!


  12. I don't feel better - I feel right at home. I laughed out load at Number not a description I was expecting compared to the others!!


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