Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hambo Hoedown #25 - Mono Mosquito

This week over at the Hambo Hoedown we were given this image to use (free if you played last week and remembered to email them your card):

I immediately knew what I was going to make, so when I got home from work, I created this:

Yes, it's purple, second only to (gah) pink as my least favorite color to use on a card. You see, the challenge was to make a monochromatic card (use shades of only one color) that is your least-likely color to use. Yes, I was forced to use purple. These are all from the Basic Grey wisteria 6x6 pad.

You can't tell from my crack photography, but his nose is glittery. No, really, it is!

Okay, now for the sad truth: That purple card was my second one. This was my first one:

It is not monochromatic, and it is my most-likely go-to color: green. Yes, dear readers, once again I failed to verify the rules of the challenge before diving into the pool. Please don't be like me.

In other news, we're having a heat wave. Yes, it's our turn to fry melt. When the air temperature is in the 80s before 7 am, you know you're in trouble. They predict 100+ temps with a heat index (for the high humidity) between 110 & 115, through Saturday. Three days, people. It's not looking good for the farmers' market on Saturday. I've never missed this many weeks in a row before, and I'm in withdrawal, but I'm not ready to die for my craft. Sigh.

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  1. Two great cards! Gotta love the sentiment you used! Sounds like you're getting the heat/humidity that we just enjoyed! Stay cool! And email your card to Hambo!

  2. Cuh-UTE! Yeah, it's hotter than Hades, but a cold front is coming in on Sunday…only 97 degrees…lol.

  3. Love both of your cards - monochromatic or not! We are suffering with the heat this week too. I keep thinking about the winter we had in May and that keeps me sane! lol! Thanks for playing in the Hoedown this week!


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