Saturday, January 7, 2012

Another Challenge, Another Card

One of the perils of Google Reader is you keep adding more and more blogs as your current bloggy pals introduce you to more and more blogs and challenges. And more and more until your head explodes.  Did you know that Google Reader stops counting at 1000 unread posts? No no no, I don't follow 1000 blogs, but I have multiple unread posts in many of them, so I have hit that 1000 mark in the past. Your total unread blogs = 1000+ until you get it down to 999. You have no idea how far over 1000 you are unless you do that math, and I generally choose not to know.

So you can understand how stoopid-proud I am *puffs out feathers* when I get my Reader under 100. I strut my stuff and tweet and get all full of myself, then BOOM! I read one or two more blogs and find new challenges I need to add to my list of challenges I'll print out and not get to, then throw away. It is a vicious cycle.

So imagine my joy when I was catching up on Stef's posts (*waves*) and she's done a challenge of which I'd not yet heard! You know I had to go add it to my Reader, right? Sigh.

So here is the sketch from Fetch A Sketch:

I flipped it:

and made this:

 And because I know my photography stinks, here is another shot at an angle so you can see it is not flat:

The star background is a piece of tissue paper I glued to a scrap of SU Naturals White. I declared the blue to be Brilliant Blue (retired) and used that for the mat. Red twine by Divine Twine, red buttons by SU, and sentiment by Paper Smooches.

Hmmm, almost 4 pm here on the Right Coast. Maybe I'll shower and begin my day. :D

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  1. ooohhh i like what you did with this!

  2. Hmmmm…I did not know about fetch a sketch…do you know about The Kraft Journal? It is my newest find :)

    Now I follow 300 blogs again *sigh*

  3. Ohh - I do like this and so glad you found us!!! If its easier for your google reader, we are on Feline Playful!!

    Thank you for joining in at Fetch A Sketch – hope you can join us again for the next challenge! Fetch A Sketch Challenges

  4. This card rocks! I love it! Just my style! So glad you found out about us over at Fetch A Sketch - make sure you join us again soon! x


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