Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Tri-Shutter Card

One of my tweepy and bloggy pals, Cindy (aka: The Crafty Frugalista) makes these a-ma-zing tri-fold cards, and I've been wanting to try one for a long time. Since I'm still in my jammies, and haven't done much but stamp today, I used this as an excuse to give it a try. She makes it really easy by giving you detailed directions with measurements and pictures and everything.

This is not just a tri-FOLD card, although it is cut and scored exactly like the one I made earlier today if you fold it that way. But no, hers is unique in how she cuts and folds the center section, making it a tri-SHUTTER card. Here's what I just made so you can see what I'm talking about:

You probably want to go to her blog and see some of hers - like this one, or this one, or these. Here's the view of mine from the top:

 Please pardon all the s-crap laying around. My ghetto photo studio now doubles as a stamp-carving station. I told you this place was small.

Part of my problem was I had two pieces of patterned paper in the "WTH was I thinking" pile, and I decided to use them both; they were of the same family, but they didn't go with each other. Here is the card I made with the other one (not quite finished):

I lacked a coordinating patterned paper for the center panels, so I made do with white scallop squares for the sides and a rectangle for the center. I believe this one may also be a birthday card.

One of the reasons I don't scrapbook is the huge pallet. Um, I see a card with three - THREE - panels that must be addressed, and my head hurts. I do believe I shall only make these for special occasions, but I'm glad I tried it! I think YOU should, too!  :)

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  1. Good use of those papers, they look really nice on that card. I have mad ea couple of those myself, and I agree - too much space to fill up. They are fun to do once in a while, though.

  2. Thanks for the shout out. I love the papers you used. They are striking on a tri-shutter card. Bravo, my friend! *smile*

  3. Oh my goodness, this is absolutely amazing! You did a wonderful job and I totally love it!

  4. beautiful, but looks soooooo time consuming!!! There is no way i would even dare....


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