Sunday, January 22, 2012

I Am Doomed

Just when I thought it was safe to go back to the LSS ...

You see, I only go there once every few months. Then they have time to order and receive everything I NEED, and I reduce the number of opportunities I have to wander around and buy other stuff I DON'T need. So after I went last weekend to pick up some stuff, I got two - TWO - calls this past week. A 6x6 pad of paper I asked for had arrived, and then, my ALL THE NEW COLORS OF COPICS arrived. So I just had to go again this weekend. I HAD TO.

Having just been there a week ago, I decided to go to the counter, pick up my stuff, pay for it, then run right back out the door, not looking left or right. While paying, I muttered something about how I was safe anyway, since I was just there last weekend, to which she replied (in a very enabling way, I might add), "Oh, no, we had our open house last week, so we've got all sorts of new stuff." Crap.

One of the new companies they carry is Too Much Fun. ( There were shelves of irreverence, so what was I to do? I got them all! BWAHAHAHAHA! Okay, one I had in my hand and put back was a stamp to make a fold-over T-shirt. It was $24, and I figured I could do something on the Silhouette instead and not pay that much for one stamp I might only use once or twice. See, I have my moments of clarity. But I did buy a ton of other stamps, so there's that.

ANYWAY, here's a card I just made using one of the stamps:

(Okay, my pictures are getting worse. I promise to buy a light box this week.) All papers are from the Memory Box "valise" 6x6 pack, and I loooove that they are all Kraft-backed. The sketch is from Clean & Simple Stamping FTL174:

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to mentally prepare myself for tomorrow being Mo ... Mon ... Mond ... I can't say it. Sigh.

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  1. I love you, y'know that? This card speaks to my soul. *sigh* It's so pretty and it makes me want to weep at how true it is. :'( GAHHH!!


  2. well, i think we can forgive a BIT of enabling when the results look LIKE THIS, eh???! but let me know if you need me to dig a moat around the LSS in question and fill it with crafty-woman-eating alligators, k??!?! :) :) :)


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