Saturday, January 14, 2012

Another Sketch Challenge

As I sifted through my stack o'scketches, I ran across this one from Unscripted Sketches:

I thought it was only a week old since I have sketch #140 in the pile, too, but noooooo, it's from Dec 31st. Sketch #141 was posted today. Sigh. But it's still a sketch, and I still did it.

I decided to use that pack of still-out Memory Box "valise" papers, and I made two cards, but with different "somethings" added. First I made this one:

I took the photo at an angle so it wasn't so "flat". Even that poofy flower looked flat. Pffth.  All those papers are from the same paper pack, and the sentiment is from Paper Smooches. I'm going to have to break into my latest Paper Smooches sentiment set, and soon, because this HB stamp is just about worn out!

About that flower ... I die-cut about 8 layers from a heavy-weight black paper napkin, scrunched them up, secured them with a brad, and scrunched them up again. It was only later I realized the dark paper strip is darkdarkdark brown, and not black. ;/

Then I made this version:

Same card, but this time I used my Maddie stamp, drawn by Lydia, of UnderstandBlue. (She has the link to her stamp in her side bar.) Each time I use Maddie and cut her out, I leave the tail all curly and not stuck down. Also, I inked the stamp in Early Espresso, so it's closer to the color of the horizontal paper strip.

I think I'll have something to eat (for sustenance... stamping is HARD WORK, people!), then go in and stamp some more.

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  1. I like the first card, but I'm not sure about a black flower. I do like the paper napkin idea, though. The kitty is adorable - but then you know me and kitties!

  2. I LOVE it - I especially love her 3D tail. I need to punch some black flowers!!

    Reading blogs is always the prologa to stamping.


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