Tuesday, January 3, 2012

SOS Challenge #33 - Challenge Rewind or Meljens

This week's challenge at Shopping Our Stash is a Challenge Rewind: pick a challenge from 2011 and do it again! Or you can use a Meljens image. Or do BOTH and knock our sox off! :) I chose to re-do Challenge #3, which was UFOs - UnFinished Objects. Goodness knows I have many!

Here is the pile of things with which I started:

Let me just say right now that I totally messed up the coloring of that image (Hambo stamp), but NEVER FEAR! I had another one I could use. Yes, already in the UFO pile. Do you now see why I chose this challenge to do again? ;/

I ended up not using that pretty stamped frame thingie, and adding a (gah) pink layer, to make this:

The ribbon was a scrap I cut from the too-long piece I used for my Hambo card. Actually, there are two pieces of it here, because I messed up and put the SU copyright where you could see it above the frame, so it needed to be covered, and that scrap of ribbon was perfect. I may go back and trim off the cut end. Still undecided.

Now it's your turn! Go back through our challenges for 2011, pick one you'd like to re-do, DO IT, then link us up over at Shopping Our Stash so we can see what you've made!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. dude! the (gah!) pink frame is one of my favorite things about this!!! for one thing, it draws the eye right to the image (ok... debatably a good thing, lol??) and it just generally "pops"! (tho admittedly bright yellow or the green from the foliage would also have worked!) it's 1-3 and already you've ROCKED 2 amazing cards this year... HOW do ya do that>??!?!?! ♥

  2. Pink?? What's become of you?? I do like the card, pink accent nor not.

  3. Cute card, Ms. L. You are off to quite a start this year!

  4. So adorable! And your comment on my post just now about floofy cards cracked me up. Happy New year, Leslie!


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