Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Made A Stamp!

I'm taking an online "how to carve stamps" class:

Stamp Carving 101

and tonight I had my first pass at my homework. The first lesson was how to use the tools without drawing blood, and the first project was to carve a heart. Now you might wonder why a heart? Because it has both inside and outside points and curves, that's why! :)

Here is my first stamp:

It's not great ... too many rough edges. I like to think of it as "rustic". Yeah, that's working for me. ;/  I'll try again later in the week.

I did make a card using it though:

All from stuff on top of my desk. :D

And now that it's 8:45, I think I'll have some crackers and call it dinner. :) Thanks for stopping by!


  1. THIS IS AWESOME!!! You can make me a stamp anytime, sweetie-head!! I love the "roughness" of it and how completely adorable it it. So perfect. SERIOUSLY!! <3

  2. Okay, color me IMPRESSED! I agree with Lisa - the roughness of it is what makes it so adorable! I {heart} hearts, and this one could come and live at my house, for reals! Makes a pretty fabulous card, too...

  3. Adorable!!!!! Well done, love the effect. :)

  4. i dunno, it looks rough, but stamps quite nicely, i think! remember, people pay good money for "distressed" which in my eyes means "rough around the edges" :D


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