Saturday, January 14, 2012

CAS Thank You (ugh)

I was trying to save time and space by putting two cards in that last post of mine. But apparently you can't use the InLinkz thing to post cards more than once per link site, so I'm just posting one of the cards separately (and again) so I can link it up to my class gallery.

From my previous post:

This card uses a different sketch:

The flower was left over from another card, and the strips of paper are from a newly-opened pack of Memory Box "valise" papers that I've had for some time. Now that I've fondled them, they won't be put away for a while, so you'll be seeing more of them around here.

 Ain't technology grand? ;/


  1. GORGEOUS! Truly stunning. I gave those flowers away awhile ago. I am always amazed at the beautiful cards you have made with them....they always just stared back at me LOL :)


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