Friday, January 13, 2012

So Artful Challenge - Jan 13th

**GAH! I wasn't supposed to post this until Saturday, so pretend you don't see it yet. ;/ **

Time for another So Artful Challenge! This week we have the following two images to inspire us:

Optionally, we could use the colors turquoise, red, yellow or blues. I had that painted door stuck in my head, and I made this:

And once again, I need to explain. When I was a kid, my Mom used to do faux antique painting on our furniture. That's where you paint the base color you want, then go over it with a brush and a dark paint like brown or black, and it gets all streak-y-like and looks old. In theory. So that's what I wanted to do here. Didn't happen.

I started with a piece of retired SU Sage Shadow (the reason I even heard of SU lo these many years ago) and I painted about half of it with distress crackle paint that didn't crackle. Once that dried, I went over it with my dauber bottle of brown paint to dirty it up a bit. I cut part of it for my bottom layer and part of it with a scallop oval. I cut the oval into fourths, colored the edges with a Memento marker, and stuck them down with spaces between them to mimic the panels in the door photo. (Are you tired yet? I am ...)

Here's a closer-up view of the paints:

The gold-ish stuff is the uncrackled crackle paint and the streaky stuff is the brown. I kinda like how this turned out.

I used some brown Pearl Pen to make the dots between the oval parts, but most of them got covered up with the floofy flower I made out of tissue paper. I edged it with the brown paint to make it not so white:

Lastly, the sentiment. I printed L O V E on Naturals White, cut out the letters, spritzed them with gold smooch, edged the letters with the brown paint, and stuck them down. Done.

I stuck the whole thing on a Bazzil brown card base, and I actually cut out a piece of Vanilla scra ... er, remnant for the inside so someone can write in it without magic ink.

One more time, because this card took a year or two off my life:

But seriously, I never would have tried that paint stuff without the photo of that door, so this was a good exercise for me, right? RIGHT?!?!?

Okay, now it's your turn. Go check out the So Artful blog - the photos, the other DT samples, and then come play!

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  1. what a fabulous process!
    It turned out just lovely!!

  2. Leslie, I fell in love with that image of the door, too. The colors just excite me. Well, I love what you have done with that image in making this piece. I also, like your mom, used to do that antiquing. I really think that you have captured the look just fine. It is a pretty piece of art. And I love the "love".


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