Sunday, January 1, 2012

Another Ribbon Wreath

Just to show you I haven't been a total slug today - forget the fact that it's almost 4:00 pm and I'm still in my jammies, and that I've considered showering and going to the store to purchase food, but decided against it - I thought I'd show you a project I started last night and will probably work on for a week or so:

Another ribbon wreath! This one is 12" like the one I made for my front door last year (I'll link to it once I find it in my archives), and it affords me the opportunity to use up more of my boxes of Every Color But The One I Need ribbons. For this one I'm focusing on blues and creams/off-whites. I've started adding some burgundy, and have a little bit of yellow and pink on deck:

The focus will still be blue and cream, but the pop of burgundy is really nice, and I like the subtle surprise of the yellow and pink. They will blend nicely with all the other colors that go with nothing I own, but go together swimmingly on this wreath.

The added bonus of doing this is: I am disappearing a sizable amount of my Every Color Ribbons. Lookie:

All those clothespins used to hold ribbon. TRUTH! You have no idea how happy this makes me! For those of you just starting out in the crafting world, please learn from my folly and do not buy every color ribbon because you think it will go with something. I think I single-handedly supported Mike's ribbon department until I got a clue, and then I had to organize all of it, and now I'm finally using it. My goal is to disappear ALL of it and reclaim some shelf space.

And no, I do not want to talk about my Every Color Ribbon Ever Made By SU collection. That is a different subject entirely. ... Whaaa? It is SO different. THOSE ribbons at least go with all the other SU stuff I have. (Well, they do ...)

So ANYway, I'm catching up on blog reading and making a mental list of things I want to try. And maybe I'll shower and start my day ... tomorrow.

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  1. Once again you have cracked me up! What a delightful start to 2012! Enjoy the rest of the day and thanks for all your crafty wisdom.

  2. No worries about your blog being dropped from my list! I enjoy your slightly twisted sense of humor too much and I do love seeing your projects. Your ribbon wreaths are gorgeous, and a wonderful idea to use up ribbon scraps.


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