Friday, October 9, 2015

Baaah, Humbug

By now most of my regular readers know that I'm quite Bah, Humbug about the holiday season. Most of my humbug is caused by the over-commercialization of Christmas and the need to start the Christmas shopping days countdown some time in August. Totally missing the reason for the season. That reason is not to allow retailers to go from red to black.

So that means any time I see a cool stamp set with the words Bah, Humbug, I need to own it. Such was the case when I saw the Lawn Fawn Baaah Humbug stamp set. MINE!  Here is a card I made last weekend with the set:

I'm seriously considering this design for my Christmas cards. I'm all about non-traditional. :)

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  1. It's fun to see non-traditional cards for the holidays. Fantastic sky work.

  2. LOVE! I have several fibre-artists among my friends, so in my case it's about the sheepies :)

  3. I am bah humbug for the same reasons. Love this set too and your card!

  4. Extra added bonus... Dickens allusion! I see no reason why this would not be your Christmas card. Love the sheep shading!

  5. Ah.... looking at my fellow man it would seem that the reason for the season is greed. It isn't just the retailers, but I'm sure they are shoving it down our throats. I've been baaaaa hum buggy about the holidays since I was a little kid and that shit is supposed to excite little kids! Anyway, love your card. I thing about sheep. Not like that! I mean I like them in stamp form. And in claymation form.

  6. Bwahahaa! I love you so much- this is perfect!!


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