Sunday, October 11, 2015

Stamper Abducted By Aliens

BREAKING NEWS: A stamper in Southwest OH has been abducted by aliens and replaced with a surrogate. Or else she has been abducted by aliens, had a probe inserted in her brain, and she's been returned to her domicile. Those are the only plausible explanations for yet another card using (gah) PINK, and also a cute critter. We'll share more with the public as investigations proceed.


Yes, I did it. I made another card for the current Jingle Belles challenge to use pink on a Christmas/Winter card.

Here's my card:

When Taylored Expressions came out with their latest Grumplings set, I needed to own it. To color the kitty's hat and scarf, I copied the colors from the stamp set index, mostly because I'm in a color rut, and (BONUS) the colors include pink.

The card layout ended up matching my current sketch challenge. (BONUS #2)  I used more of my Basic Grey Eskimo Kisses papers. Some day I may actually use them up! I think I've only ever used up one pack of 6x6 paper before I got sick of it and gave the rest away. And the colors on the stamp set index coordinate with the Eskimo Kisses papers. (BONUS #3!)

This almost makes up for the first two cards I made today that are dangerously close to being pretty trash. I intensely dislike them, and they took me hours to make. I was not happy.

But THIS card makes me happy. I love a good attitude.

Thanks for stopping by!

PS: I have a headache, and there's a lump at the base of my skull. I wonder what's up with that?

Some of the stuff I used: Taylored Expressions Holiday Grumplings stamp set and dies, Basic Grey Eskimo Kisses 6x6 paper pad


  1. Ohmygosh! What are we to do?!?! Where's our Leslie? She who hates PINK! BTW, I made a card today, thought I'd send it to you, and then realized there was pink on it. Nope. But I love your card with a bit of pink, and that sentiment made me and my husband laugh out loud.

    Hope your headache feels better soon!

  2. Don't worry too too much... he's not cute, he's snarky. :D And you could say he's frowning at the pink being used on his card. Of course, there's your headache and strange lump to worry about instead. Darn. By the way, this critter is so perfectly coloured and it's such a terrific card! And I want Holiday Grumplings that live at my house, too.

  3. Love this card! And are you sure the brain is the only place that probe went? You know how those aliens are..... Need these grumpies, yes I do.

  4. I bet he'd be more amenable to snowman building if you hadn't wrapped him in pink! lol. love it!

  5. I have talked myself out of the grumplings several times because I really don't enjoy coloring and I feel like they need to be colored ... but this card may have put them back on my wish list ... thanks for pulling out the PINK for a good cause ... so glad you joined us at Jingle Belles.

  6. Yep, Those Grumpling sets need to come and live with me too. This is adorable, even if you used *GAH!* pink. I'm very concerned about that lump and your headache. Please get that checked out right away! Hoping you feel better soon. :)

  7. holy moly!!! who are you, alien, and what have you done with leslie!!! i demand that you bring her back to us immediately... after the pink challenge ends next wednesday lol. :) :) :) :) :) ok, but srsly, this thing is AWESOME, and it's kind of a text book on how to color cute critters AND how to incorporate pink when you don't really like pink that much. plus... best sentiment ever!!! (ok, except for the maxine one that someone used in our gallery in which she's asking santa for a copy of the "naughty boys" list, lol!) yepper, i loooooove this and i love that you're rockin' pink xmas with us at JINGLE BELLES!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

  8. This couldn't be any cuter!!! Love that you made this for such a good cause!


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