Friday, October 2, 2015

Gettin' Crafty

This weekend I'm at a crafty retreat, and I have big plans. I have several specific cards I want to make (one is already done!). After that, my goal is to use as much of the "it's new, so USE it already" basket I brought along.

Also, I am not a colorer, but I've colored for my first three cards. So I've changed my claim to say I'll color an image, but I won't do a coloring book.

Here is the first card I made:

I love this Paper Smooches set. I die-cut three or four of them, colored one, then stacked them up. The white background was making me itch, so I used an embossing folder that sortof looks like a trellis. Subtle, but it helps me deal with the white.

My second card took me forever, but I love it, even if it is cute.

The design was totally inspired by another card I saw while blurfing, but she only used the first two images. I thought if the second guy was looking over his shoulder, there should be a reason, so I added the mouse that's playing in the leaves while his buddies are working.

My sponging sponge is AWOL, so I used a paper towel to sponge on the clouds and grass.  The texture from the paper towel is fun!

I have 1 1/2 more cards done, and I'll share them later. Hopefully I'll have many more to share over the weekend.

Thanks for stopping by!

Stuff I used: Please ask me if you have questions. Inlinkz is having a hissy fit this morning. :(


  1. Love the extra layer of grass, and I agree I want to see why hes got his head turned around. You're on a roll lets see more!

  2. I think I need to try this PS stamp your way... I always want to use lots of colours on the blossoms, but yours looks so much better. I may not use orange. The trellis background is perfect for this. Your second card is squee! cute, you know! You may be more of a cute cardmaker than you are willing to admit. ;) Love the colouring and again the handmade sky. (You remembered the birds!)

  3. Your coloring looks good to me. No coloring books in my stash either. No way.

  4. I think you are going to start a new trend with that paper towel texture! Both are great cards. I got the trellis/flower link right away on the Paper Smooches card. Yeah, sometimes I'm smart even though I'm a girl. The mice are cute too, but whoa... not your usual style. Are you turning over a new leaf? Or just jumping into a pile of them?!

  5. I just wanted to comment again that I've been seeing these mice everywhere now. You are so trendy!


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