Tuesday, October 27, 2015

SOS #225: Go Paperless

It's Tuesday, and time for a new challenge at Shopping Our Stash. This week's theme is Go Paperless, and we'd like you to not use any patterned paper. This is a great opportunity to either stamp your own background, or water color a background, or paint a background, or emboss a background, or leave it nekkid!

I chose to play with making a plaid panel, and this is what came out of that effort:

The plaid was made using two stamp sets and four ink colors (three blue-greens plus black). I have two long acrylic blocks, and a few stamp sets with stripes. I put two stamps on one block, one on each side, and far enough apart so they didn't interfere with each other when I stamped. The second block got stamp #3, which was a backward-mounted stamp so I could use the back of it for a wider, non-patterned stripe.

I stamped each color twice - once horizontally and once vertically, then changed colors and stamps, and repeated the process until the panel was full. When I was done with the greens, I used a Lawn Fawn image that has a dashed line down the middle and solid lines down the sides to stamp over the green pattern in both directions.

So I had a plaid panel, big whoop. Now what could I do with it? I dug through my print-outs of challenges and found this one from Match the Sketch:

I only used one circle where they have two half-circles (wait, two halves equal one whole, so I'm good, right? :)) I used one of my Party Grumplings in my circle. Sad story: I played around until I figured out how to mask his party hat so it wouldn't stamp, then I drew in the top of his head. As I put away my stamps, I noticed my other set of Grumplings has the image without the party hat. DOH!

The sentiment is from my collection of irreverence. I know it's not politically correct these days to tell someone to effectively "snap out of it", especially with the plethora of discussions about depression and mental illness. But I have the stamp, and I used it with a Grumpling. I may not use it again, though.

Note: the schmears on the letters are part of the stamp. It took me forever to figure that out way back when I first acquired the stamp. Usually it is me schmearing things.

I'm kindof happy how the plaid turned out, even if it's a little crooked. I have a reputation to uphold, you know.

So, I think you should play along with us this week over at SOS. :) And please make sure to stop by the SOS blog to check out the fabulous creations by the rest of the DT.

Thanks for stopping by!

Stuff I used: Neat & Tangled On The Strip 2, sentiment from River City Rubber Works, Copics (0, RV11, C0, C1, C3, C5), and the following:


  1. That plaid is awesome and I LOVE LOVE LOVE those grumpy little critters lol

  2. Awesome plaid, fabulous card, love the sentiement. I have the stamps to make plaid it's an old SU set used maybe once. couldn't get the hang of it.

  3. Leslie, I love, Love, LOVE your plaid! Fabulous!

  4. The plaid is awesome! And nary a shade of pink in sight. Drives me nuts when a sentiment is pre-distressed or has extra schtuff, at least till I realize it's it, not me. Love the card!

  5. You ROCKED that plaid....it looks fabulous. I've tried plaid building it is an exercise in futility for me so I am just in awe of your talented card!

  6. I only WISH I could duplicate that fabulous plaid design! It looks perfect with this grumpy character, and I just LOVE that sentiment! It's hilarious and anyone with an in-tact sense of humor will agree with me :)

  7. Awesome plaid stamping. Those grumpy stamps are hilarious! Thanks for letting us know the smudgies are on the stamp, lol!

  8. oh how i ♥LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE♥ that plaid! yowza!!!!!!!! (& yeah, two 1/2 circles TOTALLY equal one whole one, lol!!!!!!!) this is fab! ♥

  9. That's it. I'm getting the Grumplings. Your hand made plaid looks amazing. I would have stamped the sentiment at least 4 times before realizing it's meant to be messy. LOL! Fabulous card!

  10. I still giggle every time I see this card. Thanks for the sarcastic cheer!


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