Saturday, October 3, 2015

Punkin' Heads

For my crafty weekend, I brought a few sketches and inspiration photos. One of the photos is this one:


I was still playing with my The Alley Way Stamps bird images, and this is what came out:

Perhaps not the best bird to have used - their heads look like pumpkins. The beaks are just outlines, and I chose to fill them in with a black gel pen. They are shiny and I think they look like big, gaping mouths. The weird little things on the tops of their heads are supposed to be stray hairs. I think they look like pumpkin stems. I have created flying Jack-O'Lanterns.

And I colored again. I think I've colored on every card so far this weekend. What has happened to me!?!?!?

I'm on a roll, so I'll post another card shortly.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Lol, I love those lil pumpkin heads.

  2. It's (a row of) the Great Pumpkin(s), Charlie Brown! These little birds are so. much. fun. And your colouring of them is superb. (Did you bring a ream of pre-sponged skies with you?)

  3. Cute birdies! I love how you copied the inspiration photos. You colored! How exciting.


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