Sunday, October 4, 2009

Get Ill Soon - The Blog Hop

[Amazing blog hop banner by Lydia Fiedler, aka: Understandblue]

Welcome to the GET ILL SOON Blog Hop! What is this all about? Well, let me tell you.

Perhaps you may recall a while ago I mentioned that one of my Tweeple (@AuntiePrincess) says the darnedest things, and (with her permission, of course) I put some of these sayings on cards. So now when she says something funny, people just kinda expect I'll be all over it, and they are usually correct.

Last week she said something card-worthy, but - I WAS AT WORK! I KNOW! Someone ELSE jumped on it instead of me! Then Auntie offered it up as a challenge to ALL of the card makers in our little group, and informed us there would be judging and (more importantly) prizes!

What kind of prizes? This has not yet been revealed, but I hope it will be something from her ribbonwork etsy shop. She makes the neatest Cocarde, some of which are flat and would work well on cards (hint, hint!) She is also into vintage things and sells those in her Vintage shop. AND, she has hand-made lamp shades in her lampshade shop. This is a woman of many talents!

So what did she say that was so card-worthy? She said that sometimes she wished they made Get Ill Soon cards. That's right - wishing someone to get sick and go away. Someone else fired back he'd need a whole box of those. (I'm working on it, Gary!)

But you are not here to hear about OTHER people! You are here to see A CARD, am I right?! Without further ado, I bring you my entry in the Get Ill Soon challenge:

I think it is perfection. Why? Not because it is GOOD (though I am kinda loving it right now), but because (1) I used a just-bought stamp - Da Moose, (2) I got to use my new fancy tag Nestie behind the sentiment, (3) I got to open my pack of checked PTI patterned papers, and (4) I thunk up all of this while chained to my desk at work! Once I got home it all came together in about 10 minutes. Schweet!

ENOUGH with the blathering. I am sure you want to see the other entries in this little challenge, so without further ado, head off to the next stop at Lisa A's blog: papergrace.

And thanks for stopping by!

ETA: The winner of some cool cocardes is Dreena, the third stop on our hop!


  1. HAHAH - it's not good it's great!! I love that little guy!! The nestie rocks but srsly - the little hooves sticking up? OMG.


    Oh - ps that paper rocks - it looks like my cutting mat!

    It's hard for me not to click on your Etsy store - gotta go on with the hop!

  2. So incredibly cute! Love the moose so, so much!! And now I KNOW I must get my hands on that fancy tag Nestie (darn you, Pirate!!). :)

  3. OMG that moose is so stinkin CUTE!! This card is WAY better than "good" girlie! **applause** love it!!! :D

  4. Lookit you and that adorable little Moose.

    This is completely excellent. Poor fella needs a nurse....

    Who's he been hanging out with...i hope it isn't swine flu... (haha)

  5. Love the little sick moose...poor baby.
    Congrats on achieveing all those points with one rock Pirate!!!

  6. This is so hilarious!! Love you card! I am going to keep hopping!

  7. You crack me up! I am lovin' your Riley moose card too :)

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  9. Get Ill Soon! Too awesome!

    We need some "Stop faking it, bitch, and get your ass back here" cards.


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