Monday, October 5, 2009

A Topper for the Tea Bag Holder

Remember this guy? I made a bunch of these the other day, and today I worked a little bit on the packaging. Since I transport my stuff all over, and people handle things before they decide to buy them, I make sure all my stuff is bagged and tagged to protect them.

I have never made these before, so my first thought was "will they fit in one of SU's Cello bags?" And they do! A perfect fit for the Medium, Flat Cellophane bags. If I decide to make them bigger, I'll move up to one of the sleeves I use for my cards, but for now, these work.

Here is my bagged and tagged Tea Bag Holder. Nice fit, huh? Notice that topper? I made that in about 2 minutes. Okay, maybe 3 minutes. Here's how I did it:

Start with a 4" x 12" piece of Kraft card stock. (Yeah, that's sitting on a brayered mess, but since the middle is still clean, I refuse to toss it yet. Deal with it, people.)

I took my trusty ATG and applied tape to the whole back of the piece. Stinkin' easy, especially with a new roll of tape. When these things get near the end, they develop quite an attitude about releasing any stick. Hmph.

I took a piece of tissue paper I have had forEVer and laid it over the sticky card stock.

Then I unceremoniously stuck it down - just gave it a good rub all over, wrinkles and all. I suppose I could have taken the time to make it smooth, but I was just playing.

Then I ran that bad boy through the Big Shot with the Top Note die, and it cut like buttuh.

Once again, the finished product. I am lovin' it!

Okay, back to work - there's organizing to do! When I am done with today's round in The Other Room, I'll treat myself with some more craftiness.

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  1. Oh baby, oh baby, my crafty soul loves this! I feel like listening to some smooth jazz while I read this

  2. I have bits of that paper somewhere...


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