Friday, October 16, 2009

Random Friday - Part Second

I made a card! And I do not hate it! Yay!!!

When I added the parts for this card to my Staging Area earlier this week, I intended to make a non-traditional Chanukah card. I have had this pack of A Muse cards for, well, since it was released and I bought them in every color, which is what I do. There it languished in my Stash until I spied it the other day while putting away something and I decided they would be the bases for this year's Chanukah cards.

The stamp images are from the PTI Mazel Tov set, and the ribbon is from my box of Every Favor Black, White, Brown and Cream Ribbons. You probably cannot see it because the rules of photographing glitter prevent it , but I went over the swirls on the dreidel with a glitter gel pen and they are very sparkly!

I kinda like this! In fact, I may use them myself instead of selling them.

Okay, off to wreak some more havoc on the Staging Area. I'll report back on if I make anything else blog-worthy!

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