Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Should Have Gone To Bed

Tonight I was determined to finish packaging my Tea Bag/Candy holders that I made in a frenzy earlier this week. In fact, I think it is ALL I have done this week. Getting old, it is, getting old. I needed to finish it, though, or I had no room to do anything else!

What made things a bit easier this evening was my camera's memory card was full and I could not take any more photos. You see, I had not decided which ones to post in my etsy store and which ones to take with me to my holiday craft shows, so I planned to photograph all of them and decide later. WELL, when your camera is full and you do not want to take time out to unload it and risk losing your rhythm, you make executive decisions. My executive decision was to not photograph any more tea bag holders, which meant all the remaining ones were coming to the shows with me. Easy!

Here they are - all my good little soldiers:

All the ones not already listed in my etsy store will come to my shows with me. If I find a chunk of time in November (HAHAHAHA! Oh, my gosh, I crack myself up!) I will take some pics and put more of them in my store.

Did you notice the handsome carrying case? Yeah, that is the top of an empty box of printer paper. I saved the box and its top from a certain recycling death at work with the intention of re-purposing it into a shadow box studio thingie to take hopefully better pics. I failed, but I still have the top of the box, which is PERFECT for transporting these lovelies.

Then, I STAMPED. We are approaching my November Clean Sweep, so I decided to use one of my un-inked stamps so I could put it away in good conscience. I made this:

There are several things about this card that are very different, for me, anyway. One: it is square. I do not often make square cards to sell, because they require additional postage. Why is it square? Because that is one tall image, and I wanted to layer it, of course.

Wait, that did not make sense, did it? Let me try again. Well, I was going to do something different on the front with layering, or something (I forget), and it would have needed a square base. But then I got distracted and changed my mind a bazillion times and ended up with this, which does not require a square base, but I did not think about that until I'd already finished the card, so it has a square base. Now aren't you glad you do not live in my head?

So what do you think of my grass? I debated with myself (I do that a lot) how to make the grass, then I just started making little lines with one of my Copic markers, and this is what came out. I kinda like it, even!

The second thing about this card that is different:

I stamped on the inside! I DID! In addition to the Flopsy image being rather large, I also feel the sentiment is rather large, which is why I did not even attempt to smoosh them together on the front of the card. This move, of course, now requires me to package this card differently, because I need to stamp the sentiment on something to include with the card. And I need to remember to tell people it has a sentiment on the inside.

Okay, maybe I won't sell this one.

So now I can say I stamped something, and finally go to bed. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh, you used him! I've only used that Flopsey set once, because it was so tall, I ran into the same problem. Then doing the grass was stressful for me *sigh*

    Great job!

  2. A cute fun card. Love Flopsey esp. against the green here!


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