Monday, October 19, 2009

A Card, A Ribbon Drawer, and the ATG

Today was my first day back at the Day Job after the two-week Staycation, and it could have been worse. Only 499 (not 500, just 499) emails, and no fires waiting for me. I wish I could have been home STAMPING, but I do need the Day Job to pay for my habit, so I go. (Traffic was even decent - in both directions! Whazzup with that?)

For tonight's stampin' project I decided to work with a left-over leaf square from my Tea Bag/Candy Holders, and I made this card:

It looks like a pretty easy card, huh? Especially since the square piece was already done. Well, as is the way in my world, nothing is simple. First I wanted to add some Old Olive card stock, but I hated it so I went with the Rust. Then I thought I'd add Old Olive ribbon! Heaven knows I have ribbon, so off I went in search of Old Olive.

It took all of 30 seconds of searching before I took every stinkin' spool of SU ribbon OUT of my ribbon drawer and put them back in by color group. Uh-huh. Lookie:

This is the left side of the drawer as it looks now. On the far left are all the White, Vanilla, Brown & Black ribbons. The next row has some more Cream (pre-Very Vanilla rename) and the Blues. Next are Greens and Purples, and last are Reds and Pinks. NOW, when I need Old Olive, I just go to the Green section and I either have it or I do not. I will no longer buy more in frustration, just to find three other spools that were 'lost'. This largely explains why I have 5 spools of Cream.

By the way, I had no Old Olive in that 1/4" size. It must be 'lost' on my Dining Room table. So I looked to the right side of the drawer:

GAK! Okay, this needs work. But I DID find some 5/8" Old Olive and I used it on the card. The end.

For a very simple card, that sure was a lot of work! But I do have a half-organized ribbon drawer now!

In other news, I wrassled with my ATG to swap in the 1/4" tape adapter and use some ... 1/4" adhesive instead of the 1/2". Seemed simple enough. I even had the directions out and was reading along with the three steps and pictures. It took me 30 minutes to make the swap, part of which was my stupidity in loading the roll of adhesive backwards and trying to figure out why it kept winding onto itself and not onto the take-up spool. I am not a complete idiot, but sometimes I wonder. So all is well; I finished the card, and I would like to report I like the 1/4" adhesive MUCH better than the 1/2". Thank you, Jess, for all your advice. :-)

After those amazing accomplishments tonight, I officially call it an evening. I need to go rest up for Day 2 back at the Day Job.

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  1. Pea loves that card and geeee, you have a lotta pretty ribbon!

  2. You managed to do all of this after Day 1 back at TDJ???? You are my hero ;)

  3. Ribbon organized by color... ATG love... Its almost too exciting for me!!!!

    Doesn't your newly organized ribbon drawer bring you inner peace?

  4. even just vicariously seeing *YOUR* magnificently organized ribbon drawer makes me feel warm and fuzzy. also, it's a lot less work than organizin' my OWN STUFF, so ta v much for that! :)

    i actually do the same thing with regard to making a "quick" card using a pre-made/leftover focal ALWAYS takes 19 times longer than starting from scratch and yet i am ALWAYS shocked and surprised by this. go figure. (& generally there *IS* no organizational side benefit, in my case!)


    ...15 seconds may have heard the shout of my laughter 3 states away...

    PS: here is today's ALL TIME world-beating one...I SWEAR I AM NOT MAKIN' THIS UP!!!...

    "ARSINESS"!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

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