Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Neat People Never Make The Exciting Kinds of Discoveries That I Do

Welcome to Day 2 of working on The Other Room. Today I have been working my way through the pile of stuff in the middle of the room. Unless I get rid of this, or at least get it organized, I cannot paint or build cabinets or ANYthing. First things first.

A friend of mine said to completely empty the room, then start putting things back. The only problem with that is I'd need to have somewhere to empty it TO, and there is just no where. So I am doing my version.

I just finished unloading two canvas backpacks of stuff. I used to carry a backpack to work with me every day in addition to my purse, and it would get heavier and heavier. I also have a backpack I used to take to FL with me when I would fly. This will explain most of the following discoveries.

First, a 13+ year old photo of MOI! I think this was taken just after we implemented our new billing system (of which I was a part), so they tied us to our desks and forced us to have our photos taken. This was about 50 pounds ago, and look how short my hair is! And no grey!

Here are the two empty backpacks. I refuse to use the flash, so it is a little dark. Sorry.

A bag-in-a-bag. These things are SUPER to take with you when traveling. I think I last used this one to take home all the shells we collected on the beach. I would buy Rubbermaid containers (this was pre-Gladware) and fill the canvas bag with the containers and have one of the kids carry it. Built-in labor. ;-)

Hand sanitizer. Does this stuff ever expire?

A bag of bugs. I have absolutely no explanation for this, but you just never know when they might come in handy.

An out-of-focus mini tool set! I think Understandblue could have used this the other day to dismantle her Crackberry. She wanted to clean it.

A new package of dental floss. Too bad it is unwaxed or I'd use it for removing all the mis-stuck dimensionals in my life.

A cross stitched mirror. I made this! It is very small, like 2" across.

This air freshener is great, and they sell it in the grocery store in FL. I would stock up every year. I've wondered where this stuff went .... I think I can get it now at Whole Foods, but back then I don't think so.

And the results of one of our usual end-of-the-week-in-FL book exchange bonanzas, where we'd take home each other's beach books.

I also ended up with a huge pile of trash and recyclable paper, and a pile of stuff to be shredded.

So there you have it. An hour's worth of work yields two empty back packs and a pile of carp I need to put somewhere or shred. But I am making progress!!!!

Oh, the lady upstairs is vacuuming. Sure, make me look bad.

Okay, off to deal with this stuff, then move on to the next pile. Back a little later!


I'd love to hear what you really think! :-)

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