Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Have Survived Day Four, Barely

I am still on schedule with the tasks for The Other Room, pretty much. On today's list was to go to IKEA, buy 6 more cabinet sections, and also pick up some Bygel stuff and some knobs for my cabinet doors. I was on the road by 9:30 and got there with not much traffic to slow me down.

I hauled in the 4 doors I needed to return and there was no line - sweet! She rang it up, and I went to reach for my credit card ... uh-oh ... empty pocket. CARP! I left the house with no money, no credit card, and no driver's license! The no credit card was bugging me the most. Fortunately I'd paid cash for the doors, so with $100 in my pocket, I headed back to my car to go home. Sigh ...

Made the round trip (about 45 miles RT) and got back and set in to shop! First thing I saw were these napkins:

GOR-GEOUS! I actually had a few of them in my sweaty little hands when I stood there wondering what I'd do with all of them after I'd used one to make 4 cards. So I put them back. I DID! I really wanted the ones on the top with the lines.

Here was another bin. Lots of neat ideas in here!

I finally found where they were hiding the cabinet parts I wanted (I swear they were in aisle 1 last time ...) and loaded up.

When I got home, I unloaded all of that into the house and sat down to breathe. Since I'd lost about an hour with that extra round-trip stupidity, I had about 30 minutes to catch my breath and head out to my massaaaaage. She said not going to work suits me. I guess I was not as much of a mess as I usually am, or at least everything released easier.

When I got home after THAT, I started the assemblage process. I put together 2 bases and 3 of the 6 cabinet sections. Lookie!

You have no idea how good this makes me feel! Oh, and see that pile of boxes in front of the closet? Those are now in the left-most cabinet, if only to get them out of the way for now.

The two-high section overlaps the window a little bit, so I decided to leave it at two high and stack the far end stack 4 high. I stopped at this point today because there is an outlet behind there and I need to plug in an extension cord before it is lost to me forever. Tomorrow I'll finish the rest of the cabinets and maybe work on the door knobs and attach some of the doors.

Speaking of which, here are the cheapo knobs I bought. Six for $2 instead of 2/$4.50. I think these will work just fine.

Didja notice all that natural light?!?!?! It will be even better once I clean the windows.

I also picked up a bunch of these S-hooks to play with my make-shift Ribbon Originals and Rub-ons hanging system that is still largely in my head. If they do not work out, I'll just bring them back, along with the 6 sets of doors I think I got wrong. At least my car knows the way, now.

I also had this idea that I'd check out Mike's to see if they carried the Making Memories craft organizer thing for this wall, but instead, I spent way less at IKEA and got three of these. This is a magnetic knife holder for the kitchen, but it also comes with those cute metal canisters. I plan to empty out the few boxes and bags I have of buttons and paper flowers and put them in the metal canisters and display them on my wall. Again, if I see them, I may use them.

And I got two of these lamps. They are white. They are small. They are Halogen. They are good for this space. They are now mine. I got the wrong replacement bulbs, but they'll just go back in the pile with the other stuff I'll need to return, maybe one day next week.

And lest you think I have not been stampin, well, I haven't been. Not today, anyway. But I made this beauty last night. I broke open my pack of Prismatic green papers and cut the circles the same as I did for the turtles and crabs. I used some DMC dark grey floss for the thread, and for the pesky dots on the wings I applied ... black Stickles!

Here's a side view. I have dimensionals under the top layer for ... dimension. You can see the Stickles on the wings better, too. I was thinking and thinking about what to use on those wings when I actually hollered out loud: STICKLES! I even remembered I had it in black! And who says hoarding comes to no good?! Not moi! Uh-uh!

Right now I am sitting here too exhausted to move. I might actually go to bed early and start in on the rest of those cabinets tomorrow morning. Once I have them all assembled and in place, I can get some of the crap, er, stuff stowed away and maybe even find the floor in there! Ohboy!

In closing, here is exactly how I feel right now. Check out the eyes, squeezed shut. Yeah, the pic is a bit dark cuz I did not use the flash.

This is why I do not use the flash. Ack! Bright!

Okay, that's it. I'll report back tomorrow on my progress In There. Hey, pretty soon I'll have to stop calling it The Other Room and come up with a nifty name for it. Craft Room is so yesterday's news. I'll need to work on that. I am open to suggestions. ;-)

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  1. Studio, Leslie, studio! Congratulations, but I know you're worn out.

  2. Wowee! This is looking so very professional. What a fab studio you will have soon :)

  3. Busy lady! I'm so impressed with your progress and your napkin putting-back-ing!

    White Marsh Ikea or College Park Ikea?


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