Friday, October 16, 2009

Random Friday - Part Fourth (and Last)

Never thought I'd see the day - Naked Lady License Plate Frame. There goes the Family rating for this blog. And for the streets of my fair city! Are these things legal?

Sadly, I have no new stamping to show you. I spent the rest of today making 8 more of each of the Chanukah and Christmas cards I posted earlier. Mass production is not what it's cracked up to be. At least when I am done I can put away all the materials and supplies I used for each of them. Okay, in theory I could put them away. I put the Copics away - does that count?

In other news, I cooked myself dinner tonight, largely because I was not thinking clearly when I went on that rare grocery visit earlier this week and bought a family package of boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Why did I buy it? I think it was under $2 a pound, which is crazy-inexpensive for those things! Forget that I am a family of one who does not cook. So tonight I made Fajitas with some of it and prepped and froze the rest of it. After I had everything marinating, I realized I had no rice. Sigh ... without rice I would eat ALL of the chicken & vegetables, so I needed rice. Grocery across the street? I'd need to put on shoes and leave the house - not gonna happen. I substituted rice-shaped pasta (aka: orzo), but let me tell you that is not an acceptable substitute. Please do not try that at home.

Thus endeth my 2-week staycation. I got about half of my wish list done, which is about par for my course. Tomorrow I go to the Farmers Market, even though it is raining, and will still be raining tomorrow. I am trying to organize The Big Blow where we all go outside and blow real hard to try and get these rain clouds to move over someone else's fair city. Ours is not so fair right now ... more like 'soggy'.

I never got to my snarky card today. Still pondering the papers I will use for it. Hopefully I'll get to that one tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by!

PS: By popular demand, I have updated my etsy shop to include shipping costs for Canada and "Everywhere Else", which would include you if you do not live in the US or Canada. :-)


  1. Gotta tell ya.....
    my self proclaimed red-neck,
    EX-husband has the naked ladies frame on his truck.
    ( hanging head in shame )


  2. I love orzo, but I agree, probably not a good substitute for rice (but I can't think of a better substitute either!) The combos we eat when we don't want to go shopping ;) Been there, done that....n fact I've done it this week LOL.


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