Saturday, October 17, 2009

One Stamp, Three cards

In an attempt to check off many things from my list all at once, I used an old stamp with a new, uninked sentiment, plus some new-but-never-used paper and card bases.

This is my Emerson stamp fully inked. The card base is from a box of Bazzill cards & envelopes I got a while back because they were 'me' colors. The paper is from a just-opened pack of Memory Box - Sprout papers I got forever ago.

I also used one of my paper flowers and a rhinestone brad from my SU Pretties kit. My Copic coloring job on her dress leaves a lot to be desired, though I could call it a ribbed knit and say I meant to do that. Well, I could! And I just did!

Second copy of the same card, just with a different paper flower. Wow. Two down, about 50 to go. Sigh.

This is the same stamp, but I only inked up the lady - no sentiment. BECAUSE, I wanted to use that new sentiment, which cracked me up so much I needed to own it!

Again, same stamp with only the lady inked up. I decided the paper on this one was too pretty to cover up with a sentiment, so I thought I'd put the sentiment inside. INSIDE, I KNOW! But I did not. I left the whole thing sentimentless and called it a true note card.

I also tried something new today. My normal process is to (1) make a card to see if it even works; (2) take a photo for posterity; (3) think about making more, or not; (4) blog about it; (5) actually make a few more, or not; and (6) add one of the 'more' to the etsy shop. So just now I jumbled the steps and made more first, then I added them to my etsy shop, and NOW I am blogging about it. Just call me crazy and defiant. I am not sure I'll be able to stand the upheaval in my life.

SO, nooooow I can say in the blog post that if you would like to buy any of these sassy ladies, they are for sale in my etsy shop in the Any Occasion/Irreverent section. ;-)

Now that the shameless commerce portion of the show is behind me, I thank you for dropping by!


  1. My favorite is the "Not 40 something" one. Super cute.

  2. I like both sentiments, very Leslie. I especially like the "40" one :)


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