Saturday, October 31, 2009

Market Update - Happy Halloween!

I am being a Halloween grinch again this year by leaving my light off. We have so few little kids in our neighborhood, it is just not worth enduring the big kids with pillowcases full of candy asking for more, so I grinch. "Grinch" is now officially a verb. ;-)

So I started today's post with the following picture becaaaauuuuse ....

... when my posts hit FaceBook (it's an automatic thing I set up, and the ONLY thing I post to FaceBook), the first pic in my post is put up at the top for everyone to see, and I did not want that pic to be this:

Purple Sweet Potatoes. I cleaned these guys, and you can see they are purple on the outside, and ...

... REALLY purple on the inside. And you can also see there is potato blood all over my cutting mat and knife. These things are like beets, but the red washed off much nicer than beet blood does.

ANYway, the point of these pics was to do a controlled study on the Before and After color of these 'taters. Farmer Mike told me that they get darker when cooked, so I wanted to see. Just because he told me they get darker does not mean I believe him. You see, he also told me his jalepenos were not hot. M-hm. I rest my case.

So I sliced these guys really thin and baked them. Unfortunately for this controlled study, I managed to overcook the buggers to just this side of ashes, so no After pic was taken. But they WERE good. I may get a few more next week and try just baking them whole. Less of a chance of me making blackened 'taters. I'll report back on that.

Now let's get to today's market. Today was a very slow day, so I will hit you with a lot of nonsense pics. Be forewarned. By the way, next week is my last market of the season. ;-(

As I was unloading my car, these little ladies (sisters) were being so good waiting for their Mom. They are about 1 1/2 years old, and totally neglected. No one EVER gives either of them any love at all. They were really sweet.

This. Well, this was, I THOUGHT, a joke. That little lady (sorry, the pic is fuzzy, but I was laughing) is our knitter, and the guy works the bakery. Turns out he actually ordered this Reindeer hat. Seriously.

Remember my What Is This and The Reveal from last week? This is the same tree this week - totally different! This is the back ...

... and the front. Very different. Have I mentioned it was a slow day?

Gourds. I do not ever remember seeing these green ones. The only goose-neck gourds I've seen have been that tan color. This ignorance on my part led to the Lesson Du Jour from Farmer Mike. The green gourds are beyond the eating point. This is where you would set them aside, like in a barn, to let them rot. The mold and bacteria will consume all the flesh, leaving a hollow shell, and when they have finished their work, the mold and bacteria either die or move to a better neighborhood. Then the next year, the dried, brown, hollow gourds are painted and finished and sold. The End.

This, my friends, is an Asian Pear. Notice the weight? Almost 2 lbs of pear. This is a $4 pear, people! There were also normal ones in the box, but I'm just sayin'. Did I mention today was a slow day?

Big. Black. Dog. OMG, this guy was big. But sweet and obviously well-mannered. His Dad took off his leash and told him to stay, and he did! Good dog! What a beautiful animal. Notice the white spots on his face? He had a boo-boo when he was younger and the Vet shaved a few spots so they could apply the medicine. The hair grew back all white. How does this happen?! Inquiring minds want to know!

These are Clumber Spaniels. Big dogs, too. I had to look them up to see how to spell it! I wanted to pet them, but their Dad said they jump. I asked if it was the nature of the breed, to which he chuckled and said, "Well, at least these two." They have exhausted two trainers already, with no luck. I think he's accepted his fate and just warns people way.

Then I mosied on over to MaryBeth's booth and picked up this flair for my hair! I bartered product so we could each say we came home with less than we left with. I also picked up another one for my Holiday shows. Have I mentioned today was slow?

At one point Farmer Mike stopped by and wanted to know what this could buy him from my table. Uh-huh. The fact Mike left his station is a significant sign that there were no people buying anything. Mike never leaves his station. Oh, and since he works for a living, that is not real.

This little cutie came through about mid-day. What a face!

Here is our regular handsome fellow. Can you tell I just love this dog? This was the first sign of photo-ops to come.

Here the lad is looking longingly at a piece of chicken jerky, aka: dog treat. What a good boy! And I am not sure if you can tell, but that forehead is truly like silk. I will miss this face over the Winter.

Here is my friend's Shar Pei, all dressed up as a bumble bee. She (the dog) kept shaking her head cuz she hated that hat, but the rest of the costume did not seem to bother her too much. My friend slipped the hat up a little for this photo op, but she did not bother to put the dog's ears through the little slits in the hat. TOO CUTE!

Then this guy and his sister came though. His cape says Lil Devil. Look at the horns on his hat! (Yeah, he was moving ... gimme a break.)

Here is his sister - a Lil' Monster. People and their pets. And a card vendor with too much time on her hands.

That's it for the market.

In other news, please notice the blinkie at the top of my right side-bar. I am participating in a Blog Hop on Monday for a really worthy cause. If you'd like to participate, or just read more about it, please stop by here.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Sorry market was slow, but I certainly enjoyed your post, all the way from purple potatoes to a cutie pie little boy :)

  2. Sorry it was a slow day, but I like your slow days because your posts become so very entertaining then. Happy Sunday!

  3. Thank gawd you explained those purple potatoes! What a fun all those pics!

  4. purple potatoes and dogs in costumes...that seems like a pretty PERFECT day to me!!! :) (in a completely unscientific and non-financial way, obviously.)

    ps: WV=flubrabj!
    (no clever joke here...i just like sayin' "flubrabj!")


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