Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Because I screw up enough for more than one person, part of my responsibility is to share with you so you can ALL learn from my mistakes.

Remember this lovely card?

Pretty, huh? and it was loads of fun to make, especially since I got to play with some new stuff.

But after I showed you this card the first time, I attempted to get it into an envelope, and this is where the lesson was learned.

I'd call this officially a 'tight fit'. Uh-huh. Lookie:

Look at the size of that knot! Okay, I had already decided this was too fat for regular postage and I was going to slap on two stamps (which I eventually did), but first I needed to get it into the envelope. The problem: the knot was too close to the edge of the card. If I'd tied it just a bit to the right, it would have been less of a struggle.

So today's lesson is: If you are going to tie a big, honkin' knot on a card that you just KNOW is going to cost you extra postage to mail, at least tie it AWAY from the very edge of the card so you stand a chance of getting it into the envelope without tearing said envelope.

Lesson complete.

I hope to be back later today with something more interesting for you. I hope.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Love this card. Those buttons! SO sweet! (secretly, I avoid envelopes at all cost) hehehe


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