Friday, October 23, 2009

I Tried Digital (Really!)

Well, it has finally happened. And I did not even kick and scream much. What is this of which I speak? I bought some digital images. I DID! And it is all Mel's fault. Just LOOK at this card! (All the links are there, too!)

So I just had to go look. Well, didn't I? And while I was there, I, um, found a few other images I needed. And I cannot even use the 'justifies shipping' excuse, cuz there WAS no shipping. I have no excuses, except that some of the images are soooo perfect for me.

Like this one:

The name of this image is "It's all about the accessories", but one of my neighbors has two mini doglets like this, and they have major attitude! I think the smaller the dog, the larger the attitude, so that's the sentiment I used.

And you HAVE to see the detail on this guy's face:

Perfect little scowl, dontcha think? The tag says SPIKE. Cute! (Please ignore the fact that this close-up also reveals the pathetic coloring job I did. Thank you.)

The next image I got was this guy - Simon:

I do believe that boys, especially teen and pre-teen boys, are the most difficult people for whom to make cards. THAT is why I bought this image. And that is why I made the card real plain, although I did manage to sneak in some ribbon. But it is a manly color, at least.

I got two more images, including that adorable sick piggy that Mel used, but they will have to be printed another day.

So what do I think? I think that digital images are pretty cool. You can size them and they do not take up a lot of physical storage space. But you need for your 'puter to be turned on and attached to a printer to use them. And you also need to take special steps if you want to emboss the image, which sounds like work to me. Do I feel like I cheated on my stamps? Yes, I do. But for an image here or an image there, this is something I could embrace.

In other news, I printed more business cards because I WAS OUT, and I am approaching Holiday Craft Show Season. I printed them until my printer jammed, and I took that as a sign that I had enough cards printed for now. At least I could check it off my list of things to do. ;-)

It is supposed to rain again tomorrow, complete with thunder boomers and everything. BUT, I will go to my market, if only to give the farmers something to do: yell at me for wimping out last weekend. Plus, there is only this weekend, next weekend, and the second weekend of November that I'll be there, and I need my last few fixes for the season. I'll be sure to report back on how the weather treats us.

Oh, I almost forgot! The other day when I posted my Boo Treats (bottom of this post), Brenda emailed me the following:

When you said in today's post that you might try to sell them, I thought for a minute that you meant to the kids who come to your door! Now that would be a scrooge!"

HAHAHA! Ya know what? If I had a prize for the best idea left in a comment or sent via email, which (unfortunately for Brenda) I do not, this would TOTALLY win!!!

Okay, gotta go clean up ( oh I crack myself up sometimes) and get ready for bed. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Ouuuu! Ouuuu! Oouuuuuuuu! I'm SO stoked that you tried digis Leslie (can you tell I'm excited? hehehe) These are amazing! You're making me want to try a boy card--I'm afraid of them, LOL. Yours is fab. LOVE the red & the artistic simplicity of it. And that chihuahua attitude. Priceless!!! I'm so excited you had fun with digital. I just embossed three images in less than 3 minutes. Even with prepping the paper it's SO fast, honest. But I won't push ya, YET. teeheehee. ;o) hugs, :o) mel


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