Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Painting and Stamping - A Full Day

Day three of my Staycation, and I am on a roll. Sticking to the plan, focusing on The Other Room, and making time to STAMP. Today, I actually left the house and bought some more screws for my Bygel rails and came home to hang the rails.

Here I have 7 of the 8 rails up. I put that bottom one up a little higher than I did on the other wall because it holds smaller punches, and I want to put another one below it with S-hooks to hold ... something ... maybe my rub-on collection. I am convinced I will use this stuff more if I can SEE it!

I found I could not comfortably reach as high on the right side, so I am not sure I'll put another rail up there.

I've decided to keep my seasonal non-SU punches in the closet storage for now. Also my border punches. Lotsa room in there now that all of these guys are out. ;-)

Then it was time to PAINT. Here is where I started.

This is where I stopped painting before (the yellow is the new color). I needed to finish this wall over to the closet, and also the closet wall.

I started painting this room in the spring of 2006. I know this because that's the date on the paint can color formula. At that time, I was swapping bedrooms and only had a weekend to do it, so I only painted the two walls that were to immediately receive furniture. Three and one half years later, I am getting to the other two walls. HEY, I've been busy!

I taped the whole thing - ceiling, bottom moulding, and around the closets.

And I painted. I did the larger wall and realized I needed more paint to do the closet wall. I did consider not doing it, but nooooooo, must stay on track! I am so sick of having this project on my list of things to do before I die that I went to the store with the old paint can in hand, and got another gallon of paint. I did two coats on the closet wall, took off the tape, and just basked in the glory that was mine.

I went back this evening and painted the bottom moulding, and here is the finished space:

TA-DA!!!! The only thing left to paint are the closet doors, but I'll hold that over for this Winter.

Isn't this fabulous?! I just stand in the doorway and stare at it. But look now, cuz tomorrow I head to IKEA to buy many, many, many cabinets to cover this newly-painted wall. I plan to put a two-high group next to the Big Shot - I need an extension of my counter top!

I have measured, and I can juuuuuust get another set of cabinets next to that pair with room left to open the closet door. I am thinking I'll put that set not three high, but FOUR high. Like a closet, which I am in effect replacing. You see, when I Elfa'd my closet, a bunch of stuff came out that never made it back in, so I need somewhere to put it. Purge? Whazat? I NEED that stuff! I plan to chronicle the assembly and storage process for posterity, so all shall be revealed eventually.

Okay, on to my stamping du jour!

Remember this guy from the Get Ill Soon challenge? The one I did not win? Yeah, that one. Well, I wanted to make more of them, so that was tonight's project.

As most stampers who mass-produce know, you cannot always buy what you need in the quantities you want. For example, I have a PTI pack of the checked papers, but there are only 3 or 4 sheets of each color, so I am limited in the number of duplicate cards I can produce. But, I can always switch up the colors, right?

I also decided this would actually make a pretty nice Get WELL Soon card, so I printed some of both sentiments.

Here is the Get Well Soon version of the original card.

This is my color swap. I switched the card base and background colors (and blankie and ribbon colors). I really like the original better - with the darker background for the Moose, but I am in love with the color combo, so I went with it. I made both Get Well and Get Ill in this color.

And then, as often happens in my crafting life, I needed just one more piece of background paper for the remaining moose and yellow card base. Do you honestly think I planned how many moose I stamped and colored?!

So I selected this olive-y color to use, mostly because it is a really good 'sick' color. Ergo, I made this a Get Ill Soon version.

That's it! Another full day of Staycation is behind me. I have one more thing to do this evening, then I'll need to rest up for my IKEA run tomorrow.

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  1. I'm sooo jealous. I love projects like that!!! Doesn't painting just feel good?

  2. I'm so proud of you for finishing the painting. I usually plan a lot of projects for my staycations & don't do any of them until the last day. You're on a roll!

  3. I am so impressed! You make good use of your time.

    I love your Get well/ Get Ill cards :)

  4. Wow! I'm so impressed with your progress :)

    Moosey is cute!


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