Thursday, October 22, 2009

Prezzies and a Custom Order!

It has been a banner two days in my lil' crooked life! I got prezzies!!!!! Lookie what I got last night:

A book. A COOK book. A cook book by ALTON BROWN. A cook book SIGNED by AB himself!!!! Yessiree, I am one happy camper, I am. Thank you sooooooooo much, Suzanne (*waves* in the general direction of 'across the street'), for not only THINKING I'd like one, but also standing in line and getting it SIGNED for me! Oh, and please thank the hubster for carting it across the store along with your own copy. It must weigh a squillion pounds!

Next, this arrived today from one of my Tweeple*:

It is a Muse. My very own MUSE! And now that I have a Craft Room (yes, I know I still owe you some reveal pics, but it has been RAINING on the weekends, which is the only time I am home when it is light out these days. I'm workin' on it!), I hung her from my ceiling fan - right over my table! I need to move her up a bit, because if *I* bump into her, she is way too low. When she stops moving I'll try and take better pics of her. She is amazing.

And to show you I was crafty tonight, I had a special order for some nautical thank you cards, and this is the design upon which we settled:

I made 12 of these and got them all packaged and ready for Saturday. The flags are the nautical flags for the letters "T" and "Y" - Thank You. This all came about when a guy and his wife stopped at my market table a few weeks ago and asked if I had anything nautical, and all I had was one card that was in my "A Little Bit Out There" section. It had nautical flags for the letters WTF. Uh-huh. They bought it and we started talking about Thank You cards, and here we are today with a set of 12. Ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom. It was fun!

I love talking to the people who come through the farmers market, and I miss that part of my craft come this time of year. I only have a few weekends left - this one and the last weekend of October. I have holiday craft shows on the first and third Saturday's of November, so there is only one weekend next month I could make the market. Then we're history until next May. :-( I will probably start bugging our contact with the City in February about why I have not received my permit application yet, at which time she'll tell me to hold my horses and it will arrive in March or April, then I'll race the photographer to see who gets their app turned in first so we can have permit #001. Oh, yeah ... looking forward to it.

That's it for this evening. Thanks for stopping by!

* Her etsy shop is She has some muses and some AMAZING jewelry! Check her out!


  1. Love the muse! She is so pretty. I still get giddy when I see pictures of your craft room. Mine is getting there in bits and pieces. I just really need to scrapbook lots and lots of pages using class kits from my teaching days. This would: #1 Help me get caught up on scrapping and #2 Use up 3 crates of class kits in The Closet. Then I could re-org The Closet along with the craft room. I am getting there, in baby steps, but I keep collecting...especially those BG 6x6 pads :)

  2. *LOVELY* muse, missus! you are a lucky girl!

    the nautical "TY" card is fab as well...not nearly as fab as one which said "WTF" obviously...but then that would not be a gracious thank you sentiment now would it?! ;)

  3. ooooooooooo i got serious shout out inthe blog!!! i really need a blog lapel pin now....and the "other room" looks just gorgeous.


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