Monday, October 5, 2009

The Other Room - Part First

Today was my first real 'work' day during my staycation. First item on the list was to work on The Other Room. As is my nature, before I can do anything I need to do six other things first. In this case, I went to The Container Store and bought some more storage boxes for my schtuff.

I also got these cool items:

A tray to hold my Tea Bag holders during my Holiday Craft Shows. I like!

Two pump bottles to house some of the hand sanitizer I bought last year for work in the industrial-size container. These will be MUCH easier to deal with!

Two misters (not missuses, misters - heh heh), one for water and one for alcohol.

Then I began to tackle a corner of The Other Room. Today's targets were a cabinet and a trunk.

This cabinet has held my cross-stitch supplies for about 15 years, now.

The top shelf held all my pattern books and a bunch of mystery stuff in those plastic bags. It was time to dig in!

I made several piles that ended up in four storage boxes. No, I DID NOT PURGE yet. Baby steps. The four piles were Plastic Canvas (makes most counted cross stitch snobs such as myself shudder), partially-complete projects, supplies, and "stuff".

Here is an example of a started-but-not-completed Plastic Canvas project. Sigh.

Here is an example of a started-but-not-completed counted cross stitch piece.

My started-but-not-completed counted cross stitch projects filled an entire box, I kid you not. What part of "easily distracted" is not clear to you? :-)

I sorted, I discovered, I reminisced, I sighed, and I emptied that cabinet. I carried it out to the Living Room, dusted it, took its photo, and it is posted on Craig's List for sale. REALLY!

Here is the big empty where it used to be. Baby steps.

Here are the storage boxes that now house all the crap that was in the cabinet. I am not so sure this takes up less room, but it will look a lot better behind the closed doors of a new IKEA cabinet, fer sure! Please notice the tubes of Aida cloth and linen on top of that table. Those are too big to fit in the storage boxes. Not sure what I'll do with them, yet.

Next I tackled the trunk. It housed mostly kid craft stuff from when my boys were little, plus all the shells we collected in FL that I could not possibly throw away, lest they never speak to me again. 10 years later I still have the stuff. This is in addition to the washed and bleached and sorted bags of shells *I* have. We won't talk about those today.

After I got rid of the trunk contents, I moved the trunk into the Living Room, took its photo, and posted it on Craig's List. I sure hope someone buys them soon, cuz it is tough to move around in here right now. (Oooh, I just got an email about the trunk! Yessssss!)

Once the trunk left The Other Room, the pile of stuff in the middle of the room came tumbling down, but this is the wall that will house my new IKEA cabinets. I am thinking 3 units tall here. The bottom two will undoubtedly hold all the crap I took out of the craft cabinet and trunk, but still, it's a start.

Tomorrow, I'll paint this wall and the one to the left. Then I can put away all the painting supplies and start working on the mess in the middle of the room. I will NOT show you a picture of that (yes, I took one) until the room is pristine and can be called a Craft Room. THEN I will reveal the Before pics.

Okay, I'm off to craft something to celebrate my progress.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Nice work! Even if it doesn't take up less space, it looks much more manageable to deal with, and is certainly much neater looking!


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