Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rainy Saturday - A Little Snark

'Tis another rainy day here on the Right Coast; so rainy, in fact, I blew off the Market. I am NOT going to sit in the rain with paper cards - nuh-uh. I would go to support the farmers, as the place looks like a big empty when none of the crafters show up, but people, I have a paper product, and it is pouring rain! I am sure I'll get a raft of grief next week. I can take it.

So I get to be lazy for another day and craft, and I made this. I had the sentiment printed and die-cut a few days ago, but I just never felt the love for anything I did with it, so it sat next to my Big Shot, abandoned and alone.

This morning I rummaged again through some pretty scrap papers in The Heap and found this piece I just LOVE, so I used it! The card base is my go-to Brocade Blue, and the red is retired Cranberry Crisp, one of the first (and still my fave) In Colors from SU. I thought it needed some bling, but nothing worked with that fabric-looking patterned paper, so I left it alone. I call it: done.

I'll probably post one of these in my etsy shop, so check out my mini-etsy window in the right side-bar a little later today. The most-recently posted stuff will be at the top.

Off to make a few more of these, then move on to another project. Thanks for stopping by!

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