Friday, October 9, 2009

The Penultimate 'Other Room' Update

Don'tcha just love that word: penultimate? The next to the last. Would that make the last "ultimate"? Not so sure about that one.

Now that I have a full week of No Day Job behind me, I find my senses have sharpened a bit. I walked across the street this morning to get something (more on that in a sec), and I noticed the backs of all the signage in the shopping center are painted green. Never noticed that before. I like it!

And yes, today is a LOVELY day!

So why was I walking to the store? To get one of these: a flat-headed extension cord. I actually have a whole collection of extension cords in my storage unit across town. I have them in a bin along with my lights for my craft shows if I am ever lucky enough to do one that offers electricity. But today I wanted to plug in an extension cord so I did not lose the outlet behind what was to become my tower of cabinets. I drove to the storage unit to retrieve two power strips, but when I got home and plugged one in, I realized the cord was in an unnatural angle and probably would become an electrical hazard, so I decided to walk across the street and buy a flat-headed one.

See? All better! (This is looking down the wall behind the one-high cabinet.) Whoever invented these things was a genius!

Because I spent so much time painting the walls, I felt a burning need to chronicle the covering-up process in painful detail, and subject you to it. So here we go!

Here I've added the second cabinet to the left-most stack.

From afar, this looks like a lovely counter top. Not for long!

Here I've added the third one.

Getting there!

And the fourth.

Lest you think I have any upper-body strength, let me burst that bubble once and for all! You are supposed to assemble the whole section, then place it on top of the previous one. Nuh-uh. I found I can place just the assembled three sides on first ...

... then take the top, set it in place, and secure it. I am so smart. (Please do not alert the IKEA police, though. I hear they are pretty tough.) Did you know all this stuff was manufactured in Italy? ITALY! There goes another myth - here I'd assumed it was a bunch of slaving Swedes making this Swedish furniture. Is nothing sacred?!

Here we have the completed assemblage from afar. I like how part of the wall is still exposed, and the room does not feel so closed in.

Along the way, you've probably noticed I started putting stuff into the cabinets. This was in an attempt to see just how much crap stuff I had left to deal with once I ran out of cabinets, and it is a lot, lemme tell you!

Look what I found under my 2004 Road Trip Scrapbook-in-progress boxes! A pack of sticky-backed textured card stock strips. I have been looking for this forEVer!

And who doesn't have a bag of bags? The latest theory is that I only bought a few of these, and they've been multiplying on their own. Who knew? Now I need to figure out a way to store them, since the cupboards are all full.

Next, I began installing the door knobs. Don't they look good?!

I will let you in on a little secret. Knowing myself as well as I do, I knew that I needed a template to have a chance of getting the knobs installed straight, or close enough to straight for my world. So I made one!

This is all so scientific! I cut a strip from the packaging of the doors because it was the exact size as the door. I folded the strip in half and laid it on top of one of the doors on the floor. I eyeballed how far in I wanted the knob by playing with it until I was happy, then I pushed down on the knob and twisted a little to make a mark in the cardboard. A pencil mark in the center of the squooshed spot and a hole punch (I have a few, you know, and they were out), and I had me a template!

Here's the first four sets of doors and knobs all installed. Niiiice!

Then we have The Shiny Doors. I put together one set to see if I could live with them, but I cannot. Sadly, this means I will have a return trip to IKEA next week to exchange them for non-glossy doors. It also means I will not get the rest of these doors done this weekend.

But on a brighter note, it means I can MOVE ON to my next task: set up a table in there and begin triaging all the crap stuff in these stacks of SU boxes in my Living Room. Oh, yeah!

But right now I think I've earned some stampin' time! I'd like to have some new stuff for tomorrow's market. I sure hope the weather will be as lovely as it is today!

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  1. flat headed extension cords? srsly? who knew? well, besides you? LOL

  2. Your neighborhood looks nice! Looking forward to seeing it in real. And your fo'c's'le (Was that the way it is spelled????)

  3. I like that extension cord...guess I need to add that to my shopping list.

    Love your template :) You are so clever. I am REALLY really REALLY impressed with your TOR progress!!!

  4. That extension cord is genius! How did I not know those existed???

    You've made so much progress! How exciting! You'll be stamping in there in no time :)


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