Sunday, October 18, 2009

(I Forgot To Title This Post)

I thought I'd show you how I made all my Dragon Fly magnets this past week. First, I die-cut 20 of each of the parts - four different sizes of circles: three green and one black. Then I die-cut 20 dragon fly bodies out of black and wings out of copper. Yes, my arm was tired.

The first time I made these, I made only 7 of them, so I assembled them all, then glued on the magnets. But since both the magnet (on the back) and the Stickles (on the front) need to dry, I decided to divide and conquer this time, since I was making so many.

THIS time I first assembled the bottoms by sticking together the bottom two layers of green and the black bases.

I laid them all out front-side-down, applied a dollop of Crystal Effects, stuck on the magnets, and left them there to dry.

In this photo, I had not started the glue-on-the-magnet step, yet, so that stack of bottoms was still on my table. Just pretend they are gone. ;-)

Here I was playing with the black thread and the top layers, trying to get the spacing right.

See - three different looks. I decided to go with the one on the bottom left.

Here's the die-cut parts for the dragon flies.

Then I set to work on the rest of the front parts. I would wind the thread around 6 or 7 tops, apply the black bodies, then the wings, then do some more thread winding.

Here I've got all the thread wound and was applying the black bodies.

Here I was adding the wings.

All the wings - done!

And the Stickles have been added to the dots on the wings.

A finished top.

Here the tops and bottoms were introduced to each other. Then they just needed to be bagged and tagged.

Yes, it is a labor of love, but once I got the routine down, and divided up the drying time, things went much faster and easier.

That's all there is to it! I am planning on doing some more stamping today, my LAST day of freedom before I return to the Day Job tomorrow morning. I am sooo not ready. ;-( But I did get a lot accomplished around here on my Staycation, so I cannot complain all that much. It's been a fun ride!

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  1. Beautifully done! You are so efficient and smart. These are wonderful :)


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