Saturday, October 10, 2009

Market Update (long)

Fall is in the air, and the market is definitely winding down for the season. We are open through the Saturday before Thanksgiving, but the offerings and quantities of veggies is beginning to wane. One of the farmers will only be coming for another week or two, then they'll be done for the season. Farmer Mike, on the other hand, would go all through the Winter if he could, and calls the rest of us pansies for copping out. To make up for this treatment, I take pictures of his veggies every week, even though he threatens to start charging me for the privilege.

Today was slow for everyone, but especially for moi. Slow, as in: zero dollars. Zero sales. Z-E-R-O. Only my second zero day in 5 years, so I cannot complain much, but you know I will. ;-) So I had LOTS of time to take pics today.

Maters. I took home a bunch of these.

Goose-neck gourds - painted like the one I have. They come in all different shapes and sizes, depending on how the gourd grew.

Peppers and onions (or orn-yons, if you are a Justin Wilson fan, may he rest in peace.)

Sweet taters. Not orange on the inside.

All sorts of varieties of squash. (Was that a redundant statement? Is anal-retentive hyphenated?

Bell peppers. I took home a bunch of these, too. Mostly the ones that are multi-colored. Love them!

Hot peppers. NONE of these came home with me.

Farmer Mike's successful block. Did I mention he is thinking of charging me for taking pics of his veggies? (That sounded odd, didn't it?)

Poblanos. A ton of these came home with me, too. Gonna sooo make some more poppers with these! They were really good!

Basil. It is so unfair to have to sit near a farmer selling fresh basil, or any other fresh herb, come to think of it. It smells so good every time someone touches it. So I bought some.

Fennel. Mine. A gift from Farmer Mike. I ate this today while I was busy not selling anything. (I am not bitter about the not selling anything.)

The Rock Lady had these cute little piggies. Momma and babies! Look at the eyelashes on Mom!

Meece. I have always thought that the plural of mouse should be meece, not mice. I think I'll submit that to the dictionary people and see if they'll bite.


Then this arrived sporting two people. The lady was lounging in the recumbent front part and the guy in the back was doing all the work. I need to find out how to get in on this gig. Just think: I could go 70 miles and never have to pedal. Sweet!

A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. So handsome!

These are Buttercup squash. I thought they looked like they were doubles, like one was inside the other, but nope, these are normal.

Well, this one is normal. Those other ones were overachievers in the growth department, but she said it is not unusual.

Mmmm, Kohlrabi! I used to grow these, but mine were green, not purple on the outside. I slice them thin and dip them in sour cream. (Note to self: go get some sour cream.) The farmer was trying to convince me to cook the greens, so I cut them off and gave them to her. I don't do greens.

Sitting at my table not selling (I am not bitter), I spied this dress in one of the tents and needed to take it's picture. LOVE the colors!

Our friend the boxer came back. I just love this dog!

Here's my tray of Tea Bag/Candy holders. Have I mentioned I did not sell anything today?

I call this guy a hound. His Dad was across the street and he (the dog) kept howling and howling until Dad crossed over to reassure him (the dog). He looks part beagle, but I think he is too big to be all Beagle. Hound. I'll stick with hound. And I think he may be a she.

THIS, my friends, is my hero. LOOK AT THAT SHIRT! YES, I AM YELLING! I chased him down, got the pic, then quizzed him on a few sticklers. He confirmed that I WAS RIGHT! I love this guy and his shirt. Need to get myself one. I think his wife said she got it at Signals. Oh, yeah, love Signals. I've spent many a dollar there in the past.

This is what the goose-neck gourd looks like before it has been dried in the barn for a year and then painted. I guess you could actually cook it and eat it, but why, when Farmer Mike can dry them in his barn and then have his Mom paint them?

Look familiar? One of my Tweeple dared us to RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE take a picture of our work space and post it on Twitter. Little did she know that my table always looks like this, and I post pics of it all the time for you, my faithful three (maybe four) readers, so you can all feel better about your own work spaces. Several people liked my candid honesty and reveal, and I think they secretly wished they, too, could live in this inspirational heaven.

Speaking of which, I lied last night when I said I was done organizing in The Other Room. I went back in there and did some more assemblage and installation and did even MORE organizing. I was on a roll, so I went with it. I did not stamp. But since yesterday's post was the Penultimate Update on my progress, I cannot show you anything I did until it is the FINAL update, or it would make me a liar, so I shan't. (Oh, wait, I already admitted to lying. Oh, well.) I'm saving it all for the final update and reveal, which should be this coming week. Stay tuned for that!

And thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love all these photos! Everything looks so good :) Yay Fall!

  2. Maybe Four here. Why do I feel so very, very hungry every sunday when I read your blog post. Uh!!!??? Wot no bread today?
    Love ya!

    I KNOW you're talking to me!

  4. Hooray for inspired organizing! Love when that happens.


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