Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More Findings, and Some Cards

Still working on clearing out stuff from The Other Room. I thought I had a lot of crap, but this is getting seriously disturbing. Anyone want a full pack of SU Petal Cards & Tags? I have both Real Red and Confetti White. I will take them apart, stick them in an envelope, and I will even pay the postage to get them out of here. Please, help me.

I also found a pack of Gift Tags, a pack of Book Marks, and a package of mini gable boxes (white). You can have these, too. Just ask. Please. Ask.

I also found another picture of myself. This one was taken in 1977 or 1978, and I am around 23 years of age. Also around 130 pounds, size 7. Sigh ....

Also newly-rediscovered in The Other Room is this partially completed cross stitch piece. What makes this one different than all the others in my tidy box of partially-completed projects, is this one is (1) on a frame, so it can be pulled taught and I can work it more easily, and (2) it uses only one kind of thread/floss - a variegated thread that you just keep going and going and going, just like the Energizer Bunny. No need to stop and change colors - just count. I may actually try and finish this one! It is supposed to be a 15" pillow when completed. Why do I need it? I do not, but it seemed like a good idea at the time, and it is part-way done, and it has no thread-changes, and it is on that stinkin' frame that will not fit into the box. That's why.

This is the pattern. No tiny designs in the tiny squares to be interpreted for different colors. Nope. You see an x in a square, you stitch it.

Moving on. I found a whole cache of old cards, some partial, some, well, they are now trash. But THIS one...oh, this one. When this set first came out, BR#2 and I had big, big plans for this guy. He was going to be peeking out of every window and from behind every tree on every card we made that year. Didn't happen, but I still have this one, and it may even become a saleable card. I do believe I've even sold my set.

Along the way I also found a card kit I purchased at The Paper Source. I must have had a lucid moment amidst all the grabbing of Parent Sheets, as I escaped the Parent Sheets area and found my way to the card-making section. On the wall they had a bunch of card-making kits, and I thought I'd buy one to see what all the hooplah was about. Also, I thought I could maybe MAKE some to sell, but later found out this was verbotten as an SU Demo. Oh, well.

So I had this kit and I tried to use it today. I tried. I am not a kit person, I guess. I never like what they have as samples, and I always feel the burning need to add to them. Even the Basic Grey kits - I mess with those designs, too. So I opened the kit and pulled out 4 card bases & envelopes, and some pieces of patterned paper, solid papers, and a few extra pieces of card stock. There were also 4 letterpress Happy Birthday sentiments included.

Here is the first card I made. That pretty green paper is 1/2 of the piece in the kit, and, in my opinion, the best part of the kit! Kind of a blend between washi paper and mulberry paper. Thick. Nice. And green! I declared it Artichoke, and layered the sentiment on an Artichoke scrap. Since this came with a purple envelope, I took a piece of the included purple paper and layered it with a piece of Artichoke and part of the extra piece of card stock that matched the base. The ONLY reason there is any purple in it is to tie it in to the envelope.

I added the ribbon, popped the green layer on dimensionals, and stuck on the sentiment. Eh, passable.

The second card is on a palepalepale green base. I ran a piece of the included grey paper through the Big Shot with a texture plate to liven it up a little; rounded two of the corners of the green piece; added the layers to the sentiment; added the photo frame corners and brads; added the ribbon; and you cannot see it, but I stamped an image in Versamark onto the card base to try and un-boring it, but it is really difficult to see, even in real life. So, yeah, I totally messed with this one.

The third card was MUCH easier. I took this piece of striped card stock from the kit and cut it in half for cards 3 & 4. I added the scalloped edge and orange layer behind the sentiment, and of course, the ribbon. This one was really easy to do! Very 'me'.

The fourth (and last) card was just about the same as the third one. Easy, peasy. Totally NOT worth being part of a kit.

I have all the patterned papers left over, plus some solid papers and card stock pieces. I can probably get another card or two out of them, but the patterned papers are the same as two Parent Sheets I have, which I never use, so over all, these were very expensive cards to make from a cost-of-materials standpoint. Not gonna do that again. But at least the kit is gone from the stash and I can move on.

Speaking of which, I actually made a wide enough path in here to vacuum the carpet where the cabinet and trunk used to be, and I started to tape the walls in preparation for painting. Yay! I hope to finish the taping tomorrow.

I also plan to go to the hardware store to get more screws for the Bygel rails, a new halogen lamp since mine died and I am in mood lighting right now, and I am sure there was something else I needed there, but I'll remember what it was after I get home tomorrow. Isn't that always the way?

That's all I have for today. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hey Leslie! I would love to take off you hands the white gable boxes! I will take what ever else you want to get rid of as well haha and you wont even have to mail it! PS I just won 50 on a scratch off so I am treating myself to some Stampin UP! YAY!

  2. Wow- you look so young, so optimistic, so trusting of society....

    That is a really neat x-stitch project! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  3. Do NOT send the tags, bookmarks, or petal boxes to me; I have a drawer FULL of similar items.

    Love the slightly younger version of you. Cute pic!

    Hooray for using up the kit stash; it reminds me I have some unopened BG kits myself.

    The cross-stitch is beautiful. Genius using variegated floss; I did not know it existed. I hope you do finish your pillow :)

    The cards were increasingly cute. I enjoyed your post, as usual.


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