Friday, October 16, 2009

Random Friday - Part First

Today is the last day of my Staycation, and my list of things to do is not done. So typical. I had such grand plans, but, well, at least I was not at work, right?

And I have neglected this blog something terrible, and I am sorry. I was going to do a big reveal of the room formerly know as The Other Room, but it has been raining for 3 days, and we have no decent light. I had planned to wash the windows in there but I do not want to get wet. So the big reveal will have to wait.

Today I thought I'd do a Random Friday and just post throughout the day when I actually accomplish something blog-worthy. For my first entry, I give you a video of a guy who is apparently channeling ME, if that's even possible.

So go here and listen to a guy talking like I would, and I'll be back later with some more accomplishments. I hope.

Thanks for stopping by!

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