Monday, October 12, 2009

A Witchy Monday

I am in Week 2 of my Staycation, and what a whirl-wind day today was! I started with an 8:00 am Dentist appt (just my 6-month cleaning), then I hit the grocery store(s) and the liquor store. Got home, and did a refrigerator purge ... rummaged though all the stuff that kept getting pushed to the back and purged it right out of there! Then I emptied a few old boxes of SU stuff to see what I forgot I had, then I STAMPED.

Note: I had to go to two stores, cuz one did not have everything I needed. And after two stores, I ended up with about 15 items, and only 1 of the original 3 things I started out to get. Isn't that always the way? Grrr ....

Remember this card from yesterday? Well the other two I made came out completely different(ly). This happens to me a lot, largely because I am incapable of stamping anything straight and I need to embellish to make it look like I meant to do that.

For this one I have three buttons instead of one because there is a glob of adhesive under the ribbon that needed to be hidden.

And the sentiment is one I salvaged from a base that was actually trashed. I stamped the sentiment crooked on the base, so I stamped it again on a scrap and cut it out with a Nestie and layered it on a Modern Label punch shape. That was all to cover up the mis-stamped sentiment. Then something else went horribly wrong and I had to dismantle the whole parts-is-parts of the card and start over with a new base. This is the resulting card. Sigh.

And for this one, that oval was actually my first attempt at the above card - to cover up the crooked sentiment - but it was too big, so I used it on this card on purpose!

The next project in my staging area was to make some more "Things just haven't been the same since that house fell on my Sister." cards. Last time I used the PTI house from Boards & Beams, as it was the right size for the witchy feet, but this time I decided to forget all about scale and I used my new, smaller house instead (less coloring).

I am pretty happy with how these turned out! The patterned paper is from the Basic Grey Figgy Pudding 12x12 pack(s) I got a few years ago (or whenever it was first out). The ribbon is a 12-yd roll from Martha Stewart that I had to have a year or so ago (it is green, after all) and I finally used it!

I mentioned to someone about these cards, and she said the sentiment would be funnier if it was said about the other person - she changed it up to: "You just haven't been the same since that house fell on your Sister."

HA! Oh, this one could be a best-seller! What a fun way to tell someone they are being witchy!

Okay, I have a few more projects queued up in the Staging Area, so I should have something to show you tomorrow. AND, tomorrow morning I plan to head back to IKEA and get the right doors for my cabinets. If I can manage to get them installed tomorrow, too, I'll do a FULL REVEAL on The Other Room. I PROMISE!

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  1. too cute.. you really should consider shipping to canada in your etsy store. ) hint hint.

  2. Love these, Leslie! let me know how the witchy card sells with the "your" in it :)


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