Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Still With The Tea Bag Holders!

I finally finished packaging my Tea Bag/Candy holders. I had no idea it would take me this long to do! This is probably the reason I stick to cards - packaging for those is easy!

I thought I'd show you the 23 holders I did, all packaged and ready for sale. The rest of the tissue paper I used on the first few toppers went missing (I know!), and I had to resort to using regular card stock from my stash for the others.

Here they all are in their packaged splendor:

Not bad, not bad. Looks pretty good, actually. Now all I need to figure out is where to put them on my display table.

The bagging part was not too tough. It was the labeling that almost killed me. Check it out:

I made the address labels and stuck them on the back of each topper. Then, because I've done enough shows to know these things, I needed a way to know which package had what inside of it without opening it. Even if I used the exact same thing in each one (which I did not), and even if I put it on the sign (which I usually do), people will still ask me what is inside. Trust me on this one.

So I scanned one of each item - the tea bag and two different chocolates. Then I copied the pics into a word document, re-sized them, copied, copied, copied, and printed them on regular printer paper. I cut them all out and put one in each package.

I lied again. I am almost done with these... I have a few more to go. I need more tea bags and more chocolate. I'll get those today and finish the packaging.

I will also stop by Staples and get a new stapler. Maybe a Swingline. Red. :-) I am sick of my staplers breaking. The one I used last night will staple just fine if I hold it over the trash can. It only fails when I try to staple the topper to the cellophane bag. Hmph. I will show that stapler who's boss. It will be retired today in favor of a real, functional stapler. Ptttht!

I will report back later on how today's projects go in The Other Room. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. wow!!! these are gorgeous!!! and I love that display. Nice first day off!

    (still jealous)

  2. those are MOST CLEVER!!! especially the labels! and you are SOOOOOOOO right about ppl NOT reading anything EVER...you card-makin' gift-packin' psychology GENIUS you!!! :)

    ps: WV="werdses" as in: "i makes lotsa sines but nobuddy EVUR redes my werdses!"

  3. You are so productive! I am in awe of all you manage to accomplish. Time for me to get my act together :)


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