Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Pretty Autumn Day Drive, and a Partial Reveal

Back in March I posted a few pics of my drive from VA to MD via the ferry. I went to see June (Hi, June! *waves*) again today, and I took the same drive back to MD, so I thought you'd like to see some pics of my lovely, lovely drive.

This is White's Ferry Road. Just after you turn off the main road, you get this. It is not even wide enough to sport a line down the middle! So peaceful and quiet.

The road bends at a right angle next to the river, and this house is on the left as you take the curve. I covet this house.

With that house on the left, this is the shot out the right side of the car. The Potomac River. Just lovely.

Driving to the end of the road. At the very end, it makes a really sharp turn, which, coming the other way on a bike is a real b1tch. I speak from experience.

Just before the last turn is this sign, which must be new, or else I've never seen it before. The ferry was headed to the other side, so I had plenty of time. I got out of the car to take this shot. 1782! We're talking history here, people!

From under that sign, I turned and saw: my car - I am first in line! My car is pointing 180 degrees from the road I was just on. Told you it was a sharp turn!

Sitting in my car, and here comes the ferry!

This is the approach on the MD side of the river. See how steep that ramp is? Uh-huh. Try it on a bike some time, from a dead stop. I think I walked it on this side.

This is the store and snack bar. You can rent canoes here and all sorts of things.

See those high water marks? Yeah, difficult to believe, but the water got that high. It happens when you are this close to the river.

Side story: I just caught the top of a red truck in this pic. The guy stopped to ask me about the ferry, and how else he could get over to VA. I told him the ferry was only $4 one way, and it was a good deal. He grumbled. His GPS had told him he could take this road to get to VA. This is true, you can! If.you.take.the.ferry.to.the.other.side. The road has the same name on both sides of the river. He wanted directions to go around by land. I gave them. He went back to his GPS. It told him that was almost 40 miles. Uh-huh - yep. TAKE THE FERRY! It drops you at the same point you'd end up if you drove around. So he checked with the lady cooking my hot dogs on the grill. She told him the exact same thing. Geez, for $4, TAKE THE FERRY!

She said a lot of people stop in because their GPS has them at the dead end at the river. She has to convince every one of them to TAKE THE FERRY! I am so glad I can read a map. I mean, these are some serious back roads here, and he was taking his GPS instructions blindly. That's just crazy! But I digress. I am on vacation, so I chilled. Oooohhhhhhmmmmm... all better. Actually, we just laughed after he left. She watched my doggies and I made sure he got on the boat. Heh heh.

Yep, we are in the South. Check out that flag, bottom left. Uh-huh.

Okay, enough of the beautiful great outdoors! I was going to wait until I had all the cabinet doors installed before I did a reveal, but I am too tired this evening to install them, so I'll hold off on the official tour until I get them done. But for now, I'll give you an After view of The Other Room. I need a drum-roll please!

Are you ready?

Ta-Da! This is The Big Empty. I even vacuumed! Isn't it amazing? I just stood there and looked at it. But wait! The first thing I did was this:

I added a 4' table. Not 6', just 4'. Niiiice.

So! Whatdya think? I know, you never saw any Before pics, but let me tell you, I literally had paths to get to the closets. I'll see if I can dig up any of those to show you.

Once I get the doors installed, I'll do a quick tour of what is where.

Okay, off to get in a little stamping this evening. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Fabulous pics. I loved your route last time so really enjoyed this too. Wasn't there a disaster or something on the Potomac river long ago? Was it a plane crash? I might be dreaming. I used to have a recipe in the 70's called Potomac Pie, had fish in it, then I suppose it would lol!!
    Well done to the winner of your 'Spot the Mistake'.
    You still cheer me up every day, thanks. You can see I have converted a buddy too. We aims to please. Keep up the good work and can't wait to see your finished room, I'm sooooo envious. Jenny xxx(possibly four):D

  2. I've been on that Ferry!

    WOW! You've done a great job! I'm so pleased you can stamp in there! I TOLD YOU IT WAS POSSIBLE!!!!!!

    Now you need to name it! Any ideas so far? Craft Cave? Demo Dungeon? The million dollar room???

  3. I just love this!!! Now if I can get rid of my sale stuff in the living room, then clean up the new piles in my craft room, maybe I will attack The Closet :)


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