Sunday, October 11, 2009

Spot The Mistake!

It is time for another round of Spot The Mistake! I found a boo-boo in yesterday's post, and I did not correct it on purpose! I have a little something (actually, it's kinda big) already in a mailing envelope for the winner of this round. Please post your answer on THIS post by 10 pm Monday, Eastern Time (USA). I will select a winner from all the correct responses through some random, non-scientific process.

Have at it!


  1. (Was that a redundant statement? Is anal-retentive hyphenated?

    you left out the end parenthesis

    there was another one i noticed, but i can't find it and i'm lazy this morning :)

  2. I used to grow these, but mine were green, not purple on the outside.

    there should be a comma after purple

    (the need to correct overcame my natural lazy leanings)

  3. Was this the mistake?
    (Was that a redundant statement? Is anal-retentive hyphenated?

    With no parens at the end?
    Who knows? There is danger lurking in all blogs.

    I cannot believe that you didn't sell one of your great tea/candy invention thingies! I think they are cute as heck!
    Oh, well. I'm almost tempted to move my blog to Blogger. Do you all buy the pretty backgrounds? I don't like the limited offerings they have. I want to be an artist! I want spectacular! OK, back to work for me. I have cards to make. Tons and tons of cards to make thanks to you, Leslie! Oy, the angst.

  4. Well the dress should be "its" NOT "it's". Anything else? ;>)

  5. Leslie, I saw the missing paren after hyphenated; the missing comma after purple; the missing apostrophe from Maters and taters; and, the extra apostrophe in it's before picture.

    I have never knowingly eaten fennel raw; what is that taste?


  6. Are they called Butternut Squash, rather than Buttercup?

  7. Thought they were Acorn Squash not Buttercup!
    Brain's too mush to check your!!

  8. We are open through the Saturday before Thanksgiving, but the offerings and quantities of veggies is beginning to wane.

    Should it be 'are beginning to wane' rather than is?

    Love reading your blog since my friend Jenny pointed me in your direction. You are very funny and I LOVE the weird veggie pictures :)

  9. The dress should be "its" NOT "it's", LOL


I'd love to hear what you really think! :-)

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