Monday, October 5, 2009

Loads of Ribbon

Whazis? Four posts in ONE DAY? YES, my friends! YES! I am busybusybusy. It seems that not working at the Day Job frees up the creative juices in my brain and things just WORK. I will not fight it, so I am still crafting.

I actually had everything put away. Okay, that was a lie. I had the lights at my crafting table and in The Other Room turned off, and I was trying (in vain) to get caught up with my Google Reader backlog, when I read Lauren's blog post where she just happened to mention that today's Caardvarks' challenge involved not only making a card using ribbon, but you can WIN ribbon, too! HELLOOOOO! I am so there!

Here is what I just whipped up:

Not your typical Crooked creation, I will admit, but lemme tell you how it came about. Remember those baby shower invitations I made a while ago? I had a bunch of ribbon scraps left over - too big to toss, and I'd always planned to weave them and do something with the woven piece. Guess what?! Today is the day! But first, a few details.

I grabbed one of these crocheted flowers from a pack I got from SU. I do not do much with pink, so I thought I'd actually use one of them on this card. Who knows when I'll get that opportunity again!

I also went a little nuts and not only added a row of punches down the left side into which I wove some ribbon from my stash, but I ALSO punched holes down the right side and tied these teeny tiny knots. Yes, I have a headache, but it had to be done!

Here is the beginning of my weaving. I ran a line of adhesive down the right side of a piece of card stock and stuck the ribbon ends to it.

Then I started weaving the vertical pieces and went until I ran out of one of the colors. There is no science here, people ... I just go with the flow. I added adhesive to the other three sides to hold the ribbons in place, then trimmed the woven piece. The rest was just futzing. I do that a lot.

I am pretty happy with how this turned out!

Okay, NOW I am done posting for today. Thanks for stopping by - again!


  1. i can't get four in in one week, let alone one day!

    also, love this card, so feminine and soft

  2. I'm loving all that ribbon weaving! And I hear you on using pink, the only time I get to use that color is on my cards! Fabulous job!

  3. Thanks for the weaving-in-process photos ... lovely ribbon design.

  4. HA! i *knew* this one'd getcha!!! ;)

    and what a pay off: fabbbbbbbulous woven ribbon! beautiful ribbon tucked through slots! and those verrrrrry cool knots up the edge like that--va va voom! it's a ribbony TRIPLE THREAT from she who knows a thing or two about RIBBON!!! :)

    (love the crocheted flower, as well!) lovely work all-round, missus!

    ps: a line of adhesive ON THE EDGE to hold down the mid-weaving strips!!! GENIUS!!!

  5. Gorgeous! What a fabulous way to use those scraps!

  6. So pretty! Love your ribbon weaving; been meaning to try that. The entire card is perfect with the sweet Swiss dots, the crocheted flower, and he extra bows :)

  7. Beautiful card - love the weaving!

  8. Oh this is so pretty!

  9. Wonderful job with the ribbon weaving.


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